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回家路上带了只狗狗回家,威风的大王收了小跟班 Dawang brought a dog on the way home, and Dawang have a little sidekick


This day, Dawang came home with a puppy behind him. Maybe he wanted to play with Dawang when he saw his cool style, but Dawang was show his cold attitude. If this goes on, he will have no friends! 😳

Hello, everyone. I am Dianxi Xiaoge, a Yunnan local. Welcome to the new channel of Dawang and me. If you like Dawang as well, please do subscribe. I’ll post some daily footage of Dawang in the village from time to time. Hope you will find Dawang adorable and like him just like us.

#大王 #Dawang #阿盆姐 #Apenjie


Date: September 18, 2022

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42 thoughts on “回家路上带了只狗狗回家,威风的大王收了小跟班 Dawang brought a dog on the way home, and Dawang have a little sidekick

  1. Esse cachorro é. Grande. E. Formoso. Não tem. Pra. Ninguém ok. Gosto. Muito. Dele, e. Gostaria. Que. Ele. Encontra-se. Uma. Outra. Cachorrinha. Assim. Como. Ele. Ok. Márcia Bultrins Olinda pé Brasil

  2. es un hermoso parraso…
    pero es un mal criado….
    – le cuesta obedecer
    – le gruñe a sus dueños.. y la verdad Q un animalaso de ese tamaño y Q sea desobediente asusta….
    — aclaro –adoro los perros toda la vida los he tenido ..

  3. So cute. Big Dawang and little dog. Dawang likes having little dog nearby, but not too close. Therefore, same for Apenjie sister. Little dog likes Dawang and wants to get closer…like hugging Dawang. Apenjie sister likes little dog and wants hug from little dog, but little dog only
    wants to hug Dawang. A ❤️❤️❤️ love triangle of some sort. Everyone happy enough being close enough to each other, but not hugging.

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