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大王与金毛的合作初体验,送餐点去给辛苦工作的奶奶和阿霞 Dawang and GinMao cooperate to deliver meals to grandma and Axia


Grandma and Axia went out to tidy up the fields, when i saw Dawang lying in the doorway lazy, so I ask him to send them some fruit, meals and water to replenish their energy, but Dawang refused to get up, so this time I had to ask the GinMao helping this out, Dawang jumped up when he heard the sound who called GinMao, so he just went out together. Sometimes I don't understand what Baby Wang was thinking. It was hot today and he didn't want to move, but he still become jealousy😅

Hello, everyone. I am Dianxi Xiaoge, a Yunnan local. Welcome to the new channel of Dawang and me. If you like Dawang as well, please do subscribe. I’ll post some daily footage of Dawang in the village from time to time. Hope you will find Dawang adorable and like him just like us.

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Date: September 17, 2022

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25 thoughts on “大王与金毛的合作初体验,送餐点去给辛苦工作的奶奶和阿霞 Dawang and GinMao cooperate to deliver meals to grandma and Axia

  1. 我看了不下十多集的視頻,總覺得大王就是被養來供差遣。大王累了就讓牠好好休息睡覺,醒來了,就讓牠隨意閒逛泡泡涼水,餵飽牠三餐,定期帶大王做健檢,好好疼愛大王,讓牠過一個寵物該享有的生活,這才是我想開到大王的生活紀錄。

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