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리얼먹방:) 집밥먹방 2탄★(계란찜,오리주물럭,고등어구이)ㅣSpring RollsㅣREAL SOUNDㅣASMR MUKBANGㅣEATING SHOWㅣ



★Today's menu is Korean home food [steamed egg, Duck jumulreok(seasoned duck),Grilled mackerel]★

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#집밥먹방 #계란찜 #오리주물럭 #고등어구이 #mukbang #eatingshow #asmr #realsound #hamzy #koreanfood #homefood #homemadefood #homemeal


Date: September 17, 2022

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39 thoughts on “리얼먹방:) 집밥먹방 2탄★(계란찜,오리주물럭,고등어구이)ㅣSpring RollsㅣREAL SOUNDㅣASMR MUKBANGㅣEATING SHOWㅣ

  1. 첫입 Start eating 1:41

    촬영할때 뭘 잘못눌렀는지 제가 움직일때마다 노출값이 변해서 밝아졌다 흐려졌다

    하는데 시청하시는데 조금 불편하실수있습니다 ㅠ 양해부탁드려요


    Q: 계란찜 레시피뭐에요??

    A: 영상이랑 똑같은데 젤 중요한게 뚜껑덮는거랑 불조절이에요 (약불로 오랫동안)


    Q: 오리주물럭은요??

    A: 엄마가 만든거 가져왔어요 ㅎㅎ

    ※주변소음이 심해서 영상중간중간 편집해서 약간 어색할수있는데 최대한 자연스럽게 보이도록 편집했습니다!

    오늘도 시청해주셔서 감사합니다❤😍

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  3. Ужас, неужели нельзя откусывать то что она заворачивает в лист салата, зачем так зверски пихать в рот?🤦🏼‍♀️

  4. Горячее нельзя кушать, заработаете язву желудка, и пожалуйста не хрюкайте, а то противно сматреть на вас

  5. Lot of food for one person. Don't see how you eat so much at one time and not get fat. Also eat like you're starved. No offense but sounds like some of our hogs slopping

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