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바베큐 20000칼로리 먹었더니..🤔 외국인도 놀란 폭립 먹방


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Date: September 17, 2022

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45 thoughts on “바베큐 20000칼로리 먹었더니..🤔 외국인도 놀란 폭립 먹방

  1. 이해가 가지 않는게 사람의 위의 크기가 아무리 늘어나고 크다해도 저 양이 어디로 들어가는거지? 숨도 안찬다면 도대체??! 아무튼 대단하긴 한데 건강이 너무 걱정된다. 20년후 어떤 모습이실까? 그때도 날씬하고 건강하시길~

  2. 쯔양 대단하다!근데 난 이런먹방은 별로 무조건 많이먹는 조금씩먹더라도 맛에 대한평가를 하는게 좋은데
    이런 먹방하는 사람들은 소회기관에 문제 생겨서 빨리 죽을듯

  3. This is F non sense, do you even know what are you promoting. So much of food for just one person, please walk out from your sedentary life and look around how many people sleep half stomach. This is super bull shit. This will kill for sure but at least if the poor get this food they will live some more.

  4. I'm sorry, but NO amount of $$ or subscribers or views to eat so much meat and calories that it holds. I hold my digestive system and all systems to great appreciation. Even if she does some kind of physical exercise, this is actually not impressive at all.

  5. หิวอ่ะ อยากกินแบบนี้บ้างจัง ที่ไทยซื้อได้ที่ไหนกันนะ เขากินดูหน้าอร่อยมากเลยอ่ะ

  6. Whats amazing is not that she ate 20,000 calories, but that she ate BBQ without getting any in her hair or on her clothes, who needs Marvel to create super heroes when you have her?

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