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£1 Million Yacht Tour : Galeon 460 Fly


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32 thoughts on “£1 Million Yacht Tour : Galeon 460 Fly

  1. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ Our God, Englishman I love these boats so much the gallons they flexibilities and they see the multitasking of the chairs and complex thinking when I build my yacht this is the first yacht in the first company I'm going to come to. And know brother my yacht will be submersible yet at the same time free like a non submersible one like you are showing here. Before I build mines I will buy the same exact one you're showing here to turn it into a restaurant on the water. I have a planned out in great detail. Seven Spirit eating the best Delicacies of the Kingdom of Heaven . all right Englishman have a blessed day have a blessed life !!!!!holy and praise to our God holy and praise to him hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah holy holy holy holy to Him

  2. I m new in watching this kind of videos. And this is the first european one. The difference in the "taste" with yatchs from USA are amazing. Enormous differences. This is really really nice, not overcharged kind Las Vegas type i ve been watching. Very nice. I ll buy one as soon as I win the lottery LOL

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