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10 Best Ways To Make Money SOLO In GTA Online (Mid 2022)


Today I go over my Top 10 picks for the best ways to make money in GTA Online as a solo player!
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Don't ask about the description, random gibberish apparently gets videos more exposure so just ignore the following, thank you 🙂

HEY BOYS (gamers) (gaming) it is me HARMNONE (harmnone) here to play gta5 (gta 5) (gta online) I recently purchased an iPhone 13 from (mrbossftw) (he was illegally selling them :D) as I walked down MAIN STREET towards MADISON SQUARE GARDEN I stumbled across LEBRON JAMES (wow, incredible) he was in the middle of getting DUNKED ON by MICHAEL JORDAN (MJ) because even at 780 years old MICHAEL JORDAN is still a much better player than Bron (it's true) as I walked I saw a billboard featuring EST GEE & 42 DUGG (two of the greatest rappers alive) advertising their new ALBUM “LAST ONES LEFT” (they are the last ones left) on top of that I also walked past LIL BABY (the goat). As I continued I stumbled upon JOE BIDEN (wtf) (he was taking money from mrbossftw to be let off of his prison sentence) (he was convicted of being one of the worst YouTuber's in history) after I witnessed this (which I totally didn't obviously) (pls joe don't have my family wiped). Finally I reached my final destination, JFK INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT where I then witnessed TGG (the gaming gorilla, ((famous gta 5 YouTuber)) being detained by the TSA for suspicion of international piracy on the high seas (wow). Naturally this was alarming as I didn't believe that he was a pirate (innocent until proven guilty) I then boarded my plane and flew into EUROPE (but definitely not near UKRAINE or RUSSIA ((I DONT WANT TO GO THERE RIGHT NOW)) finally the plane landed in Somalia, where I then dismounted the plane (yes) and got into a white Toyota Hilux pickup truck (with a mounted DShK machine gun in the bed((a bit odd)) I then went to a remote village on the eastern side of the BEAUTIFUL NATION. In said village I was instructed to enter a hut made of scrap corrugated metal fence and blue tarps. Inside of the hut I found something I never expected to see. Tylarious, Broughy1322, Digital Car Addict, Saintsfan, Nitrix Warlord, TGG and… MRBOSSFTW… all sitting around a small table made of thatch and tires (wtf is going on omg) they then sat me down and handcuffed me to the small 3 legged white plastic chair (oh no)

Naturally this was a very alarming situation to be apart of, but I wasn't going to let it get the best of me. Next thing I know, DONALD (redacted monetization and legal reasoning) AND KANYE (yez) WEST enter the hut through the back piece of tarp.

MrBossFTW comes over to me while the others watch in disarray, he gets close to me and whispers in my ear “you wanna know how I got this hut?”

I replied “no not really”

He said “I've made over 7,000 clickbait videos, extended just past the 8 minutes mark, for extra ad revenue. Now that my views are dwindling and the next era of GTA YouTubers are being ushered in, I've felt it was time to take the reigns back into my hands”

Feeling very confused and like I was having a fever dream, just when I thought things couldn't get any stranger…

WHISTLINDIESEL RUNS THROUGH THE WALL OF CORRUGATED FENCE AND TARPS IN HIS BRAND NEW LAMBORGHINI HURACAN THAT HE recently purchased from TJ HUNT (what is going on ((I am truly alarmed)) hitting and dismembering the worst GTA 5 youtuber of all time.

Moments later we all gather ourselves and meet around what's left of the table (there is not much)

Former US President Donald (redacted for legal and monetization reasons) reaches his hand out to me and assures me that nothing like this will ever happen again (wow) and that MrBossFTW has been a wanted criminal on the CIA's MOST WANTED LIST for 10 YEARS (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I receive the CONGRESSIONAL MEDAL OF HONOUR for my antics (not sure what I did but ok hehe) (medal of honor go brrrrrrrrr) I then ride back to the airport with the unspoken president and we depart back to NORTH AMERICA (epic)

Thank you DOnALD 🙂

If you made it this far Idk why you read all of that but I certainly hope you enjoyed it.

Oh and KIM KARDASHIAN & SKETE (pete) PETE DAVIDSON (peter davidson) are goofs


Date: September 17, 2022

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37 thoughts on “10 Best Ways To Make Money SOLO In GTA Online (Mid 2022)

  1. I really love this video explaining the current way to make money in GTA. It definitely helps make light of how people should invest in GTA Online to gain passive income while doing different things. I do have a suggestion however it may require some arms training for those that are truly new. Other than that, If people listen to the game's prompts they'll be completely fine if they take cover and defend effetively.

    Stage 1: Take part in adversary modes, vip work and chellenges and help people out on heist finales (making sure to fully stock up on snacks and armour) Through doing this and inviting people to the buildings you own you should be able to form a reliable small group to host heists. From there work your way up to grinding through Pac standard. Stage 2: There. you've found a way to earn millions every hour. Ball out.

    Cayo and casino are worthless to set up however if you joined in on a finale give it a go after watching some tutorials.

  2. My method is connect your 5 top buisnesses to your nightclub an maxupgrade it all. Buy the refils. Do agency mission while it stocks up. And keep popularity up. Pull out cash when it's around 150 to 200k then up popularity. It makes me good money while I good around. Some other missions an businesses are good. Vehicle warehouse is pretty good. Especially on double money weeks. Made 10 mill in that 1 week. But besides that I gamble. Everything else is useless in my opinion. I just do anything else since I'm either bored or have better methods.

  3. I haven't played GTA online properly since it really started and a lot of this went over my head. But I've been really keen to get back into it and this has been very useful, thank you.

  4. For businesses I’ve learned that having them in city aka getting the move expensive business is easier to transport import/exports and the upgrades are a lot cheaper

  5. These are mostly mid to late game ideas. I'm wanting to know about any mission you can do nearly from the start to make money quickly. You have to already have so much to become a vip, and everything else requires much, much more money to make.

  6. not a business but the first thing any person should buy is a submarine, cayo perico is just too good even with the 2 hour cooldown, get someone to grind out cayo perico with you so the cooldown is only 20 minutes and you can get 5mil a day no problem, in a week you could buy most if not all the business

  7. I recently bought a auto shop and I just wanted to say don’t pay for the staff, just do the vehicles yourself, it takes 10 minutes max. Also there is the contracts which pay you a 75k bonus for your first time doing each

  8. I’m honestly happy with the cooldown that was added to the cayo perico heist, before this nerf this was the only practical way of making tons of money, eliminating the use of many other businesses and various other ways to make money

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