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10 Horror Movies That Gave Fans EXACTLY What They Wanted (And They Hated It)


“The Scream franchise needs to kill off a major character,” the masses moaned…


Date: September 17, 2022

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26 thoughts on “10 Horror Movies That Gave Fans EXACTLY What They Wanted (And They Hated It)

  1. 1. eeeh pretty much accurate

    2. no one asked for what they gave us. what we wanted was a FAITHFUL screen adaption of Re1, 2 and 3. what welcome to raccoon city gave us was yet another peice of RE media that veers off to the far left from the soruce material . plus they repeated the mistakes of the milla movies .. casting people that just were not right for the roles they were given. we want a movie that jsut sticks to the damn game story and has the characters from those games as they are in the games.

    3. eeeh never really got into the conjuring series much , liked teh frist movie and then i kinda jsut didn't care after that. so no comment.

    4. ok i never knew they made 4 of these … geezus , i stopped at 2 and it was a weak shadow of the first movie. the first House movie was just so classic. after that first boring sequel it got that lacked the charming humor of the first movie , i can't imagine any fans would ask for a 3 let alone a 4.

    5. liked the frist movie never cared for any sequels. other than that not much to say.

    6. eeerrmm never cared for the original TCM. growing up in the 80's and 90's i ran into a little gem called Texas Chainsaw Massacare: the next generation, when i was in high school. with Renee Zwellinger and Mathew Mcoughtly (not sure i spelled those right). and that was bassically my favorite TCM movie ever. those two actors are just so good. never cared for the rest of the franchise much.

    7. I loved this movie so much growing up. i never cared to see a sequel ruin it's legacy. even as a kid i knew somethings are just better as "one-offs" . this movie was one of those things. it was an 80's classic. a time period where most parents and grandparents didn't give a crap if their kids were watchning R-rated movies at night on the weekend. i was about 6-8 when this one came out i think. I remember , but it sticks out because there were two movies i wanted to see in theatre that year; He-man and the masters of the universe with Dolph Lundrin and then The lost boys. which i saw both and no one back then cared if a minor bought a r-rated movie ticket either. didn't even have an adult with me , my grandma just dropped me (and my siblings) off at the theatre while she went shopping. but yeah as a fan of this movie i never once wanted a sequel.

    8.Never even heard of this one before. no comment.

    9. I was at the end of my high school years when the first scream movie released. hiting in 1996 i was just two years from graduation when this came out adn prety much already an adult. So yeah i like dhte first one , but the sequels became old hat quickly and the ghost face never quite resonated with me like freddy , jason ,or micheal myers , the horror legends i grew up with as a kid in the 80's. nothign the sequels did or could do ever disapointed me. sad thing is most these actors disappeared from main stream movies, sticking mostly to indie films for their remaining careers , so i never got ivnested in any character they portrayed. the Scary movie spoof franchise had my attention far more than any of the scream sequels did.

    10. you get a lot wrong here with assumptions about what fans wanted. yeah alien fans wanted to see xenomorph chaos on earth sure. but not like it was done. also fans of the AvP comics and video games wanted to an AvP movie. but not the movie they gave us. What fans really wanted here was an alien 4 on earth . and an AvP movie that was faithful to the comic and video games. that being it was more Colonial marines vs Aliens vs Predators. not a buch of present day scientist vs aliens vs predators , and all the goofy predator pyramid building shit. Nor did we want to see a bunch of high school teens take on the aliens or the predator in the follow up AvP2. AvP needed to take place in ripley's time era not present day and Alien 4 needed to be xenomporph maddness on earth (also in ripley's era).

  2. welcome to raccoon city may have been the worse movie i've ever seen. not even enjoyable for how bad it is. it's just a boring slog that didn't know what it was adapting beyond anything cosmetic.

  3. Both Freddy v Jason AND AvP gave fans everything they wanted and were fantastic movies… wrong take here, sadly. I'll give you that Requiem was NOT in the delivery department for what I wanted in an Alien's on Earth movie, but pt 1 was still awesome

  4. Freddy vs Jason my ass. It didn't give people their money's worth and the 10 year wait since Jason Goes To Hell was not worth it as it turned out to be utter horseshit that should have never seen the light of day.

    Freddy only gets to kill 1 person in that goddamn movie while Jason hogs the rest of the victims.

    Freddy was winning until Lori interfered in the fight as she cut off Freddy's head while Jason takes the credit.

    Proof that Jason is a pansy ass mamas boy who can't fight his own goddamn battles.

    Worst of all is this is how Robert Englund finishes his reign as Freddy and becomes a hypocrite for donning the character on an episode of The Goldbergs.

  5. The massive kick to the guts regarding the Lost Boys sequel burns deeper than you know. Apparently Joel Schumacher had actually fully written a script and had made plans to film a prequel called Lost Boys: The Beginning. The plot would occur in Santa Carla back in 1906 before the San Francisco earthquake- when the boys were still human. It was meant to be an origin story of how they became vampires, the significance of the hotel they stayed in, and who was responsible for making them what they came to be.
    Kiefer Sutherland, Alex Winter, Brooke McCarter, Billy Wirth, Cory Feldman, Jameson Newlander, and Edward Herrmann all showed interest and, in fact, were very excited to reprise their roles for this film.
    Unfortunately, for some unforeseeable reason- despite The Lost Boys being one of the more high grossing smash hits- Warner Bros repeatedly put it on the back burner. Thus, actors were swept up in other roles, others left the business all together, Joel had other projects, eventually the actors were far too old to play immortal 80s teen vampires, and even Brooke McCarter (Paul) passed away in 2015 of a genetic liver disorder. So, we were denied a prequel diving more into the main four vampire leads that would have included the entire original cast (possibly bringing back Jason Patrick and Jami Gertz as well) for seemingly no reason

  6. For the 1st Alien VS Predator Film, I had an idea (in 2001) that actually took place on Kona Hawaii and was going to star Victoria Rowell, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lance Henriksen, and Bill Paxton. That story would've had 10 Predators coming down to earth to fight maybe 1000 Aliens. ALL the fans really liked that story…including Lance Henriksen, Michael Biehn, Bill Duke, Alicia Marie, Matt Winston and Jeanette Goldstein. The film in 2004 got MANY things wrong about the ALIEN & PREDATOR characters + people found out Paul WS Anderson was NOT as big of a fan of BOTH franchises as he stated he was, which is why the AVP was not as well as it could've been.

  7. AVP's main issue was both franchises had every film to that point rated R, then it comes out as PG-13. Don't get me wrong, some scenes were bad and the acting wasn't top notch or anything but overall not a horrible film. Of course, Paul W.S Anderson admits he's a biased Alien fan so didn't feel like the Predators got a fair shake in the film where as in the comics they absolutely wreck Aliens.

    Requiem on the other hand was rated R but it suffered because of when it was made. During a major writer and actors guild strike. No big names would sign on to anything at the time and a team of B list actors and two guys known for special effects directed. It was still better than the first film, the Unrated Cut was far superior to the theatrical release. But I remember following the film when it was announced, they spoiled a good chunk of the scenes online in teaser trailers leading up to the films release. So, I felt like I'd seen a good chunk of the action sequences when it arrived on the screen. That said, I still enjoy it. Despite some people's complaints of "It was too dark", I had no problem seeing things but also things to consider… it's a city wide blackout with several scenes taking place in a sewer. There aren't lights all over the place in either of those situations.

    Both could have been better, but neither deserve to be up here compared to the other crap populating this list.

  8. Yeah… Using some dumb plastic piece of trash that's made to look scary was not a smart move. They should have paid the fee to use an actual Raggedy Ann doll. It's the innocence of the doll that makes it what it is. No child could ever want to do anything other than throw that immediately unsettling plastic thing head first into a wood chipper. She's not Chucky. She's Raggedy Ann(abelle).

  9. Welcome to Raccoon City should have only adapted the first game and not try to fit 2, it's a jumbled mess and they made both Chris and Leon into idiots, Chris kept messing with the lighter when there was a zombie right in front of him(granted I liked the actor they cast for the role) and Leon apparently shot his former partner in the butt forcing him to be transferred to Raccoon city instead of a recruit fresh out of a police academy

  10. What are you talking about, AVP is up there after all the standalone alien movies, maybe even on par with Alien: Resurrection. Definitely entertaining and not as dumb as you'd like to believe. Also better than any of the sequels or prequels that Scott just cannot seem to stop screwing up.

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