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10 Most Underrated High School Horror Movies


You think you had it bad in high school? Wait until you get a load of these.


Date: September 16, 2022

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30 thoughts on “10 Most Underrated High School Horror Movies

  1. Not sure if The Butterfly Effect would be considered teen horror.. They do start off as a group of kids, and will return to being teenagers many times through the movie. But I think a good portion is of the group of friends in college. But since the movie jumps around in time due to his Butterfly Effect powers that allow him to travel through time to try and fix mistakes, I'd say it qualifies. If you do include it in a future list, I'd make sure to mention the huge difference between theatrical ending, and director's cut ending. I personally think the director's cut ending fits the movie so much better.

  2. Yeah…this list is crap….majority of these movies are just on, HULU and NETFLIX….so no range at all(and most of these movies are crap and have bad story plots that are tired). Craft and the Faculty have never been underrated and have always been popular and talked about….as for SCREAM 4? in the bottom? No….SCREAM 4 is actually a great sequel and in the top 3 of SCREAM movies with SCREAM 3 and 5 being the shit ones. SCREAM, SCREAM 2, and SCREAM 4 are always praised and loved by the Horror and franchise fan base. So many actual good underrated horror movies left off this list and not these streaming service generated horror movies that are just God awful that are on here. Yeah….thumbs down on this list.

  3. Wicca is the religion. One who practices it is a wiccan. There is no such thing as "a wicca." That having been saId, I just caught "The Faculty" on TV again ands it's so much fun!

  4. I’m old. Heathers came out when I was 17. That movie had nowhere near the reverence that The Craft has from my Generation. Trust me

    Also, “Footballers” is not the term for American high school football players. It’s really just “Football player”. Just for future reference

  5. Looking through some of the comments, I noticed a lot of people asked how certain movies could be listed as "underrated"?!? A little reality check, which also sounds ludicrous. Jimmi Hendrix is a "One Hit Wonder" according to the Billboard Charts, with his cover of Bob Dylan's All Along the Watchtower!
    A few movies on this list are far from underrated, as far as I am concerned. Critics don't know everything!

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