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10 Most Viewed YouTube Videos Of All Time…#Viewed #YouTube #Videos #Time


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10 Most Viewed YouTube Videos Of All Time…
You ever wonder what the top most viewed videos on the 2nd biggest internet platform in the world are? Don’t worry, so did we. And we’ve even compiled a list for you made up of the most viewed youtube videos ever and broken down why they got as popular as they did. So don’t stop watching as you’ll want to be kept up to date with some interesting internet facts most probably don’t know about!

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At some point you were probably wondering who the biggest youtuber in the world was or what the most viewed video on the internet is, and we don’t blame you. We’ve seen some of the biggest artists create some of the most popular music videos and/or dances in the world. Undoubtedly, one of the biggest reasons as to why these videos got as popular as they did, aside from talent, is because of the internet. Youtube has made it extremely easy to upload and share video content making it accessible to the entire world. Some of the best examples for this youtube phenomenon are artists like Justin Bieber or Youtube sensations like David Dobrik. Leave a comment down below if anyone on our list surprised you! Don’t forget to like & subscribe to the channel 🙂

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Date: October 13, 2020

42 thoughts on “10 Most Viewed YouTube Videos Of All Time…#Viewed #YouTube #Videos #Time

  1. That’s crazy:
    Sometimes a song as baby 🦈 becomes famous for being so catchy on my times it was Barney lol. I’m quite tired of hearing it but as Latin I’m glad for the visibility of Despacito

    I’m a medical student and winning could make my classes more accessible. Thank you so much for this opportunity

  2. THAT’S CRAZY. Really really really hope I win either the iPhone or the Macbook. I’ve been using a second hand phone for like forever and have been finding this online schooling thing difficult🥺. Please please please please🥺❤️❤️

  3. That’s crazy chicken nugget 😂🤦‍♂️love ur vids there just the best content I’m super prized that u only have 30 k subs!! And if I do win I will like the Mac book pro please and thank u 🙏

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