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10 Terrifying Taiwanese Horror Movies You NEED To See


Viruses, serial killers, religious curses – Taiwan sure knows how to make horror!


Date: September 15, 2022

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31 thoughts on “10 Terrifying Taiwanese Horror Movies You NEED To See

  1. There's a few of these movies I'd love to see, if only they made a dub English audio for them. I'd much rather see the actor's mouths and lips not moving perfectly to the words being said, rather than having to stare at the bottom of the screen all the time, trying to read what's being said. You can miss a lot of background happenings and facial expressions if you're focused on trying to read what they are saying. I'm sure I've missed out on a lot of great movies because they didn't have English dubbed… But at the same time, I feel like I'm missing so much of the movies if I'm spent reading dialogue at the bottom of the screen.

  2. I was NOT ready for the Sadness but do agree its terrifying, it was a whole new level and definitely not for the causal horror viewer. I liked the Tag Along series and Detention. One not mentioned was the Bridge Curse, that one was decent too.

  3. since we're on the topic of taiwanese movies, a fantastic weird, but not exactly a horror film is TSAI MING-LIANG'S THE HOLE (1998) ming-liang is one of taiwan's greatest directors, and the hole is his masterpiece. it's both a romantic musical, a turn of the millineum dystopic virus fable, and a love letter to chinesse torch singer grace chang. it follows a woman and the man who lives above her in an apartment building as a virus that makes people think and behave like they're cockroaches spreads. it's amazing, funny, charming, and weird, and absolutely unforgettable. it's a must see for those who love asian cinema.

  4. can we stop calling everything 'body horror?' grotesque things happening to bodies isn't body horror, it's GORE. body horror is specifically when your body betrays you. the quintessential example is cronenberg's THE FLY or VIDEODROME. it's the existential inescapable horror of your body doing things to attack or destroy the protagonist, and really transmitting that fear to the viewer. it is more than simple gore. body horror is almost always gory, but most gore is NOT body horror.

  5. As a Taiwanese and a big fan of your channel, I must admit that I haven't watched half of the movies on the list(watched too many hollywood horror movies, I guess), The bride is pretty scary, Tag along is a big surprise, cus no one in Taiwan think an urban legend would become a movie one day(btw, it has a sequel and a spin off,pls check it out asap)and the sadness is…. probably the one made me stay up the night, tho most people in Taiwan hate this movie due to loads of gruesome moments, I generally think this can be a big step for Taiwan horror films. Anyway, your video is good, please keep working on it.

  6. I'm not watching any movie thts not in English, the only thing that I'll watch subbed is anime and thts only bcuz dubbed takes too long… why would I watch a movie that's in a language i don't understand….also they're not very entertaining to begin with, they just do too much

  7. 1:50 Wait that's a legit thing? I thought Fatal Frame V: Maiden of Black Water just invented it 'as inspired by' something else only vaguely related (I assume either Shinto, Buddhist, or Shinto-Buddhist). Didn't realize they outright bastardized a real thing. Coolio.

    Well, I imagine, maybe, it might not be so "cool" to someone who is sensitive to that sort of thing (like, maybe that could potentially be offensive? But I have no idea, I'd have to poll actual practioners/historians/affected people to be sure).

    But I think it's pretty neat. 🤷

  8. I love Ellie being here. If it wasn't for her I don't think I'd still be subscribed 😅, Don't ever leave us here Ellie!! Or if you do let us know where we can follow you and your adventures afterwards!

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