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$1000 back to school TRY ON clothing haul


heyy! in this video I showed you guys a try on of all my back to school clothes. I spent way to much but I absolutely am in love with clothes. I still have some things coming in the mail so make sure u follow my socials, where ill be showing the new items!

s o c i a l s:
insta: @theavarae
tiktok: @theavarae
vsco: @theavarae
pinterest: @theavarae

w h a t I u s e d:
camera: Canon G7X mark ii
tripod: manfrotto PIKI mini table top tripod

a m a z o n s t o r e f r o n t:

l a s t v i d e o :
back to school supply shopping + haul 2022 (junior year):

m u s i c : 🎶
Music by Brentin Davis – Need Space To Grow –

ps I read my comments, and dm's! 🙂

for business only:

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love always,
aves ♡


Date: September 16, 2022

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39 thoughts on “$1000 back to school TRY ON clothing haul

  1. Wow, you are too beautiful whomever sees you shall believe that God is real, and whenever I see you I am always in a dream, and when we wake up we all will realize that all this life was nothing but a dream and that only God is whats true and real.

    I dont know how can atheists believe that such a very sexy very attractive beauty queen like you came from monkeys hahaha 😄

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    then the students replied no we don't see the teachers brain, the student then said then the teacher is crazy he got no brain :0)

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    Imam Ali, peace be upon him, said: I cant understand how a man-man/women-can doubt in the existence of God-/Allah-although he sees His creation.

    وعن الإمام علي "عليه السلام": عَجِبتُ لمن أنكر النشأة الأخرى، وهو يرى النشأة الأولى

    Imam Ali, peace be upon him, said: I cant understand how any one denies the second life although he/she seen the first life-this life is actually a living proof of both the existence of its creator, as well as a clear proof that indicates that another life in heaven or hell may also be a very possible chance as well-.

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    ​one God for all of us, all the universe shows unity with diversity, there are different things different creatures and different materials but are all made of particles and atoms

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    ​God initiated everything and he redo too and it is evident.

    ​this life is temporary while the next is forever eternal either in paradise or burning in Hell fire

    good qualities are beneficial, and bad qualities are harmful

    Be good dont be bad and refrain from sins and obey God and worship him alone in the way he wants to be worshiped and you will be saved from Hell fire and will enter paradise and be happy forever

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    ​if you be bad to others you hurt your own self,

    also when you don't do what you should in the right time,

    having faith in God makes you strong and makes you have hope even when you are weak.

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    and adultery is not good because it is not true love it is neglect to the lady and to the fetus, and brings sexual diseases.

    ​while marriage on the other hand, ok it has sex in it, but it is a relationship in which the woman and the fetus are cared for

    ​as for sodomy-same sex marriage-its bad not part of normal human life &it brings sexual diseases, &eating pork can bring cholesterol&some parasitic worms,

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    &taught to either forgive the one who wronged you, or be just &fair when retaliating, or to shock the person and enslave his/her heart by being generous &kind.

    ​who to follow after the prophet?:

    Even if you may think that all the companions of the Messenger were

    always good and all of them are like mountains, despite everything that happened between them!!

    ​the Prophet said: “My family-daughter Fatima the lady of light the lady of heaven and Imam Ali and their great offspring's and special perfect chosen descendants-are like the ark-/ship-of Noah, whomever embarked on it survived, and whomever did not drowned and died.

    ​&We know that the son of Noah did not embark on the ark/ship of salvation, rather he climbed a mountain and drowned due to the very high tides and because he didn't follow God command. Don't be like him

    ​spread the light teach what's good &right its best for you and for all and better than letting the wrong things from wrong teachings or bad desires and ill mind happen, prevention is better than cure , ,, , ,

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