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11 Overlooked Horror Movies MUUUUUUCH More Scary Than The Conjuring Series | Flick Connection


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I'm your host, Darren Van Dam!

These are some of the Scariest Horror Movies on streaming platforms right now! The Conjuring the Devil Made Me Do It is currently in theaters and on HBO max and while I did like it enough, it's not totally satisfying. So, I compiled a list of some of my favorite hidden gem horror movies from the past decade or so. All of the movies on this list are scarier than The Conjuring series and they're all currently included with major streaming services. I also included a quick The Conjuring review and a review of the most overlooked and scariest horror movie from 2020, The Empty Man.

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Date: September 16, 2022

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20 thoughts on “11 Overlooked Horror Movies MUUUUUUCH More Scary Than The Conjuring Series | Flick Connection

  1. Last Shift – Tubi, PlutoTV or Vudu

    The Eyes of My Mother – Tubi

    Terrifier – Tubi

    Eden Lake – Tubi

    Thirst – Hulu

    The Devil’s Candy – Hulu

    Saint Maud – Hulu or Prime Video

    Color Out of Space – SHUDDER or Rental

    As Above So Below – Netflix

    The Girl on the Third Floor – Netflix

    Empty Man – RENTAL

    *This list is NOT ranked like usual. Instead, it's simply organized by streaming service.

  2. The conjuring is scary but not as scary as Sinister. Im a huge horror fan but Sinister is something else. There is some kind of vibe with that movie, and it scares me. The sounds, the tentionbuilding, the story itself, the ending. It's scary.

  3. The Empty Man is incredible. I've watched it 5 or 6 times, but understood exactly what I watched after the first viewing. I've tried to watch The Eyes of My Mother a few times, but will give it another try.

  4. All of them are awful and have a terrible production value compared to the conjuring series.
    The only one here i can somewhat say is worth watching is the empty man, the rest is low budget trash.

  5. Actually mate-I LOVE the ‘grab me FAST at the beginning’……& then all the way through-otherwise I’m bored within LESS than 2mins in….or 5mins in…

    & Actually-the Conjuring HAS Stayed with me-cus THAT was based on REAL LIFE….SO MUCH MUCH MORE SCARIER, than mAde up stuff.

    I wish you’d stop talking & just get on with LETTING US WATCH & SEE!!!!!

  6. AASB is a really good movie. I prefer The Tunnel which is way lower budget but there is a scene in The Tunnel that lives rent free in my head. It was crowdsourced and met its needs to be created. If you like AASB I suggest The Tunnel plus its free literally on YT

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