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13 Best Superhero Horror Movies That Deserve Your Time!


Although superhero horror movies have been around for quite some time, they’re not often visible on the big screen as much as mainstream superhero films. We have tried to recommend you some of the best superhero horror films that you must watch at least once if you are horror movie buff!


Date: September 17, 2022

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47 thoughts on “13 Best Superhero Horror Movies That Deserve Your Time!

  1. There are some films that should be on this list

    Venom Let There be Carnage
    Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
    Man Thing (yes, there is a movie about him)

  2. Correction to the characters from Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider isn’t Satan/The Devil, he is a demonic spirit named Zarathos. Mephisto/Mephistopheles is Marvel Comics’ equivalent of The Devil.

  3. I wish they'd do SOMETHING in the Constantine Universe especially with Keanu Reeves and his resurgence OMG why is it just sitting on the shelf while Blumhouse pumps out 3 terrible horror movies a week and we are supposed to just watch it! Awful and disappointing 😞

  4. I'm an enormous fan of hell boy ( Guillermo s) and hell boy 2 the golden army. Love them both, great solid, entertaining, great practical and CG effects,characters and great fight scenes.) 9.2/10 for both films

  5. It took marvel how many movies for Ironman to be a mainstream success. Imagine how different the MCU could have been, if any earlier movie was a success. Blade, Ghost Rider, Punisher, Norton Hulk, Affleck Daredevil, Elektra.

    you could even do the older captain america and have someone new play the same character in Avengers 1.

    With Toby Mcguire Spiderman(since Dr Strange is mentioned, have the 70's movie/tv pilot be canon and he's all old now), Alba and Chris Evans' Fantastic Four, and OG trilogy Xmen movies as the ones they're trying to bring in for phase 3/4/5. The '98 Nick Fury (white one) takes off maybe.

    I don't see Thanos being the first big bad and Loki his general or even Ultron showing up so soon.

    I see phase one being about Dormammu and more magical based (since Dr Strange is all old now and Earth will be free for the dark one to invade again.) Solo movies are what already was made so no real change.
    Avengers 1 is:
    Captain America being dethawed after the Avengers fail mission one from no cooperation 1/3 of way into movie (basically his origin). Maybe kill off Blade (since he had 3 movies already)? Intro Hawkeye and Black Widow as Shield agents so Nick Fury and Cap have some order followers.

    After whatever the magical threat is dealt with is over, most of the Avengers break off and Phase 2 is Cap A has to rebuild Avengers.
    Solo Movies: He, Black Widow and Hawkeye go find the newbies and costar in others movies.
    – Hank Pym Antman and Janet/Wasp(Black Widow can go recruit them for a 'Blackwidow 1 movie: Antman and the Wasp )
    – Ironman and Captain America (Reborn?) as a team up movie.
    – Daredevil 2
    – Hulk 2
    – Ghostrider 3
    – Punisher 3
    – Elektra 2: Parole (I think I'd have Hawkeye in this movie as her parole officer/agent)
    – Thor 1 as a flashback movie in viking era/Asgard only

    Avengers 2: Loki comes to Earth and takes over Hydra remnants + the twins? (kind of the end of the magical arc and shift into space/science) Thor joins team, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver join. Kill off Punisher.

    Phase 3 is the expansion arc and solo movies are:
    – Ironman 2 + Cap America 2 bring in (Warmachine and hunt for Bucky)
    – Antman and Wasp 2
    – Blackwidow 2: (Intro Black Panther tracking stolen vibranium)
    – Thor 2 + Captain Marvel
    – Daredevil 3 (Spiderman is introduced to the MCU)
    – Elektra 3 + Female Blade or maybe ?
    – Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and Doctor Strange (he's training his replacement
    – Hulk vs Thing and Fan 4 (bringing them in)
    -Guardians of the Galaxy

    Avengers 3: Avengers vs Xmen (Apocalypse or Sinister is real villain) Wolverine vs Hulk as beginning and bring in Xmen to help Logan.

    Phase 4: Is Xmen and Civil war
    – Ironman, and Antman 3 (Ultron is built by Hank Pym who feels worthless compared to other heroes)
    -Cap America and Wasp 3

    – Blackwidow 3:
    – Thor 3
    – Spiderman 4 (clone saga/kill retire peter and bring in Miles/Ben Reilly)
    – Captain Marvel 1 (in space
    – Scarlet Witch/Doctor Strange, Quicksilver and Magneto and his Acolytes
    – Blade 4/Female +Danny Keche Ghost Rider
    – Black Panther 1 (in Wakanda)
    – Fan 4 3 (negative Zone)
    – Hulk 3 planet hulk
    -Guardians of the Galaxy 2

    Avengers 4 is civil war.

    Phase 5 is Infinty stones
    Avengers 5 is Infinity war/endgame

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