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16 Men's Fashion Trends That Can Make You Money As A Clothing Reseller


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Date: September 17, 2022

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35 thoughts on “16 Men's Fashion Trends That Can Make You Money As A Clothing Reseller

  1. Matt, you are spot on about the baggy pants. I have had several pairs of vintage Tommy Hilfiger baggy carpenter jeans listed for over two years. Priced at $20 and less plus shipping just to try to move them. I sold two pairs of them last week. Yippee! Definitely on trend!

  2. A lot of times, you can just pay attention to the runway shows and current collections in the high fashion world to get a good idea what's going to be popular over the next few years. For example, the ultra baggy stuff started in high fashion a couple years ago, but it's just started making its way to the masses. High end brands start the trends, then the Banana Republic and H&Ms of the world scramble to come up with an interpretation that regular people can afford and access. By the time the mall brands have started to play these trends out, the high fashion world is onto something new.

  3. I’m a graduate student living off loans and stumbled across your videos. I’ve been binging them ever since and I’m going to start reselling and hopefully taking out less money. I have a bins about 20 minutes from me and absolutely love the hunt. Thank you for all your amazing content, if it can bring my debt down even a little it will be a huge relief. Thank you ❤️

  4. Totally impressed by your observations and research! Great video…! Fashion Merch. was my minor in sounded like one of my professors! 1) Fashion repeats every 20-25 years 2) Brands always sell. 3) classics always sell 4) Vintage (any era) will always have a market
    I look to a lot of the popular musicians to see where younger fashion is headed…Beiber, Post Malone, Harry Styles (think chunky rings, painted nails, necklaces and grandma clothes…lol!)

  5. Jordans 3-6 ,Nike Uptempo,Retro New Balance,Retro Asics are all the "IT" thing in my kids schools and the 20 something crowds here in SC.. Tee shirts with 70/80s cartoons straight relaxed jeans ,color block polos and jogging suits in 90+ degree weather🤣..Oh and SHIEN…They love SHIEN…

  6. As ever, sharp & helpful. Thanks.

    But I wonder if it's…sporting…to say that "the majority of people in the world don't give a BLEEP about fashion" since the same could probably be said about most reselling categories, including those touching on science fiction & angling.

    Also, such an attitude breezes over the possibility that fashion, at its best, can be genuinely artistic and/or inspiring (mobile art!).

    I say this even though there's much about the fashion industry I dislike. But shouldn't those of us who profit from a category try to perceive whatever in it is worthy of respect?

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