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£185,000 Yacht Tour : Bavaria S30


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37 thoughts on “£185,000 Yacht Tour : Bavaria S30

  1. Bavarias have great interiors but why do they need to look so gawky and awkward? They're just too "tall" for their length, and the super-high railing makes it worse. A Flipper 900 looks much more sporty and still offers standing headroom in the cabin. The oval hull windows are also so old-fashioned…

  2. Endlich mal eine Bavaria.
    Bitte vergleichen sie die Preise der anderen Boote in ihren vielen guten Videos und den Preis der Bavaria.
    Da unser Budget nicht unendlich ist, ist der Kauf eines deutschen Boots schon vorprogrammiert.

  3. Hi Nick love your channel, grew up in Cornwall, dad had fishing boat on mooring for years and now thinking of getting my own boat. Is there anything you can tell me about annual berthing in Cornwall, I know Falmouth well, and know that many of the harbours are tidal, so any advice you can provide would help. I am at this point assuming there are waiting lists for annual marina berths such as Falmouth, Penryn and Mylor. But maybe you have insider knowledge?

  4. Great review as always – good little boat – I’ve never noticed you using the term “sat” instead of sit or sitting – quite odd in context and English – anyway doesn’t matter just an observation

  5. Bavaria has really nailed this one 🙂 Thank you for giving us a great and fact thick tour. Also amazing how this boat is not radical better than SB2 thats nearly 20 years old. Thanks Nick 🙂

  6. Sir if you happen to read this and respond would be really cool, but my question is not on this boat. Those super Yachts like 10-15 million dollar boats. So im wondering what kind of people (career) are those that own them. I wouldn’t think a doctor or attorney could ever afford that. Plus to pay a crew, maintenance, and fuel that must be a insane amount of money.

  7. I really like these videos and enjoy your point of view but maybe at this point we could skip the part where you describe how the entrance to the mid cabin is a very clever double us of space

  8. Very nice boat, and an excellent tour, as always! Is there any kind of privacy curtain that closes over that companionway door? It's so transparent (helped by the lights being on below, of course), that it seems you'd have to duck into the mid-cabin or the heads to change clothes.

  9. I agree I'd sleep feet first in that mid cabin, but it looks like it's not intended to be used like that … unless your feet need a reading-light 🙂

  10. Awesome tour as always Nick. I really like this boat as a first cruiser as you mentioned, it ticks all the boxes for a beginner. Thanks for showing it us👍🏻👍🏻

  11. I don’t see the attraction of electric cooking on a boat without a gen set. I guess the installation is cheaper but the loss of any way to heat food or drink is a major downer.

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