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1954 – U.F.O. – 250226-02


[1954 – U.F.O. excerpt aka UFO] (flying saucers)
Test pattern focus chart: Projectionist Please Focus Carefully.
00:00:09 00:11:08 Montana: Two spots moving about in sky above military buildings & water tower. Several takes or prints in optical printer including freeze framing.
00:02:00 00:12:59 Utah multiple objects moving in different patterns. Also several takes or prints including freeze framing.
00:05:36 00:16:35 Repeat of first 2 objects spliced on.
02:07:31 02:18:30 Rolling title: The motion picture you have just seen is authentic. It is substantiated by documentation, eye-witness accounts supported by affidavits and official government reports. The evidence…
Oddities; 1950; 1950s;
NOTE: Great Falls, Montana filmed 15Aug50 by Nicolas Mariana, general manager of Great Falls “Selectrics” baseball team.
NOTE: Sold at per reel rate.

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Date: March 18, 2023

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