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£2.4 Million Yacht Tour : Fairline Phantom 65


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30 thoughts on “£2.4 Million Yacht Tour : Fairline Phantom 65

  1. What kind of fabric was on the sofa next to the galley? It looks comfortable and soft.

    Great video Nick and a beautiful boat. I did love the way they used the space for the day heads and VIP.

  2. I'm generally a fan of traditional fly bridges in this size range but jeeze Fairline absolutely perfected this layout. The deck spaces are so well done and the interior spaces so well thought out I can't pick a favorite between this and the Squadron. Well done Fairline. Finishes look immaculate as well.

  3. Seemed to be poor spatial design and attention to detail on a number of elements throughout the boat, the day heads sharing with the VIP cabin, the master cabin door blocking off half the room when open, the shower door opening the opposite way to how you would logically have expected it to, narrow dark and uninviting corridors in the cabin area, all the doors and cupboard doors seemed clunky, poor that you cant gain access to the garage for any maintenance or storage when docked, the fender locker on the bow was awkward to open and access, the table in the rear cockpit left minimal room to shimmy through when half folded over, absolutely zero access around the engines, all the cushions looked like they’d blow off in the wind at 37 knots etc etc. Princesses are my favourite for design quality and usability. If I was in charge of Fairline I’d be shaking my team up – just not good enough for that money in my humble opinion.

  4. Wouldn’t it make sense to have the third cabin as the day heads, it’s not nice people in the VIP cabin having to put up with the daughters boyfriends pee on the toilet bowl 🤔

  5. I love these videos!! One of the few channels I have watched completely. You had a video of a yacht with a master bathroom on a downstairs level attached to the owners cabin, for the life of me I can’t locate it. Could anyone point me in the right direction

  6. Beautiful boat but I can only dream because at £2.4 million it is way-way above my pal scale of £36k per annum. But I could always win the lottery ( what was that?-pigs might fly)

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