10 Horror Movies for Your Next Movie Night | BASED ON YOUR MOOD

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this month I tried:
Malibu Night by DIME Beauty https://sbird.co/3QTbdAb
Just Bloom by Storie Veneziane by Valmont https://sbird.co/3dHznPL
100% Chilled by Eau de Juice https://sbird.co/3wfHE3W
Love Me by Tous https://sbird.co/3dHPgpF

intro 00:00
new release you missed 03:38
scare your pants off 05:05
fun with friends 06:24
for the whole family 07:50
no gore 08:48
gross out 10:01
I want to feel things 11:35
cheesy goodness 13:00
super disturbing 14:09
mind bending 15:18

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32 thoughts on “10 Horror Movies for Your Next Movie Night | BASED ON YOUR MOOD

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  2. Not sure about anyone else but I absolutely hated the platform. The lady who brings her dog with her completely infuriated me !

  3. I really like this new video format, Sarah! Eden Lake is definitely one of the most disturbing movies I've ever watched.

  4. Okay, I gotta disagree with the cheesy goodness of Mirrors. That movie F U C K E D M E UP. I've been unable to rewatch it since the first time, it gave me nightmares. To this day I'm afraid to look into mirrors at night
    Eta: spelling

  5. I'd love to see a video about top 10 non-gore movies from you! I can handle some violence and blood well and can appreciate good special effects but I can't stand sudden gory moments where I don't have a chance to look away and end up with an image burnt into my brain haha! So having a list with movies I can fully enjoy without checking the parents guide on imdb first would be soo amazing! 😀

  6. Love the mind bending category. Always love something that gets me thinking after watching like Triangle. Would love a 2000's nostalgic horror list. Something my bestie and I can make a night of and relive our horror watching sleepovers as teens.

  7. I was so excited that you kicked this off with, The Curse (Eight for Silver).
    I had put this on my watch list few months back. Went back,figured I'd missed your review, found you'd skipped that month.. Was really hoping it'd be covered in this one & bam- 1st one.
    Luv the Awakening~Rewatch every Autumn, as part of my, Gothic Horror, set of movies. -Also luv, Stonehearst Asylum with Eliza Graves.

  8. I love shit up and dance (the whole of the BM series 1 and 2 really) it wasn’t really disturbing more twisty I guess but here I go let’s hope is as good as BM

  9. You're right on Little Shop of Horrors; I actually have watched that with my family! A rare remake that's better than the original.

  10. I really appreciate these kinds of videos and find myself coming back to them whenever I can't decide what to watch, so thank you, Sarah! <3

  11. Great list! For Mind Bending, I absolutely love Time Crimes, so based on that recommendation, I would love to check out the other one you mentioned, Fractured, but there are like 6 or more thriller movies that are called "Fractured" so I would love a bit more info on which one you are referring to, specifically.

  12. Thank you! Just found the awakening in Prime Germany! Not many movies you recommend are available here or the platforms. So it's nice to finally fine one 👌

  13. maybe “movie to put on while you’re doing things around the house” like a movie that’s a good ‘vibe’ for fall/halloween but can just be watched passively


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