NEW HORROR MOVIE 2022 | Full Length English Latest HD New Best Horror Movies

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NEW HORROR MOVIE 2022 | Full Length English Latest HD New Best Horror Movies


37 thoughts on “NEW HORROR MOVIE 2022 | Full Length English Latest HD New Best Horror Movies

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  2. We don't care to buy crap or the ***king music. What the h**l is the movie about. WE came to this site to WATCH a MOVIE. Get real. Thank you.

  3. nothing happening to these cave people only these white kids.. such a stupid sci fi movie.. no its not horror movie.. still stupid

  4. Is it really too much to ask for up loaders to tell us what they're uploading? Simply saying that it's a horror film doesn't cut it!

  5. This film is MAJOR "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" stuff!🤯🥴🤣and features Kathie Lee Gifford's daughter no less!🤣🤣

  6. Does anyone know of a good channel that has good action movies and horror movies and sci-fi I cannot find any good ones most of them are blocked up skipping or not the right film

  7. I'm wondering if the creators of this particular movie know that you are trying to earn your little money stream by uploading their film – most likely without consent or credit! But then some ignorant people would do anything for the extra buck, right?!

  8. Time Trap – group of students become trapped inside a mysterious cave where they discover time passes differently underground than on the surface.

    Not horror per se, science fiction concept but cool to the mathematics geek I am. I'm not a science fiction fan (no aliens and such) but I've come across a couple of movies that were very interesting if you liked this movie. The Shasta Triangle and Axiom that I've seen on YouTube for free and both made me think. I know people watch movies for entertainment not for a dissertation topic however to ponder the universe is what keeps us truly going.


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