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A great horror film is hard to come by, but in today's video, we are going to discuss the top 11 best horror movies of 2021, covering everything from spooky spoofs to psychological thrillers

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39 thoughts on “The 10 Best Horror Movies of 2021

  1. horror is the most trampled on genre , LITERALLY 99.99% of them is complete dogshit trash waste of time , no monsters , no atmosphere , no action , trash script , can't find anything remotely close to an attempt , fuck the makers

  2. any horror movies with police, science, medical, swat and well moden society involved and not some abandoned town in a church or old house?

  3. Mlignant was probably one of the worse horror if not movies I have ever seen. Walked out of the theater 60-70% of the movie in… Boring mess…

  4. The wailing
    I saw the devil
    The Sixth Finger
    Memories of a murder
    Sympathy for Mr. vengeance
    Lady Vengeance
    The handmaiden-

  5. Dude I don't know if I can watch any of these movies now you have cany man on here and that movies sucked real bad, i didn't even finish it, it was that bad. And even if some how it was scary the liberal pandering was so distracted I would hate it enough to never watch it again.

  6. Most horror movies nowadays have the corniest monster models that only a 5 year old would be afraid of. like the demi gorgon from stranger things, such a basic monster its boring to be afraid of it.

  7. really? a quiet place is better than the conjuring?
    pls tell me it's a joke tho.
    a quiet place II have the worst storyline and the plot is horrible.

  8. Evilly ends to tonight.. Evil ends tonight..
    Well, since this video opened with possibly the worst horror movie ever made, I'll just give it a thumbs down and move on…


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