10 Best French Breakfast Pastries To Try in Paris

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Discover 10 of the best breakfast pastries (viennoiseries) to eat during your visit to Paris, including the #1 rated croissant for 2022, and some of the classics you have to try like the Kouign Amann, Pain aux raisins, Pain au Chocolat, and the delightful Pain Suisse. Bon appetit!

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📍 Boulangerie Carton (Gare du Nord)

📍 Ernest & Valentin (Le Marais)

📍 La Petite Alsacienne (Montparnasse)

📍 Maison d'Isabelle (Latin Quarter)

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44 thoughts on “10 Best French Breakfast Pastries To Try in Paris

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  2. Salut Les Frenchies! Thanks to your awesome videos, I had a great time in Paris. So helpful, especially the public transport and food to try videos, experienced amazing food and culture!

  3. "Even the bees love it!" Carefully blows the bee away without freaking out
    Very big difference from what I see here in the US when a bee nears someone lol

  4. They sold out of the Kouign Amman at D’Isabelle when I went recently, I was so disappointed because their croissant was out of this world! Is it ridiculous to plan another trip back to try my luck again… Great video and hope to see more like this!

  5. Too bad you missed to talk about Cyril Lignac's "Pain aux Raisins", an extraordinary combination between viennoiserie and frangipane (almond paste), it's a must, believe me ! (shops in rue de Chaillot, facing Musée Galiera, and another one in rue Bayen in the 17th, close to Ternes, naming only two places). Be sure to buy them early morning, they disappear fast !
    Very nice video, full of very tempting sounds and commentaries…

  6. In the US we tend to add too much butter and over flake our croissants. Even at the "best" bakeries in our city. It might be because of the flour quality as well.

  7. I find it incredible that for all the time you spent in France that you still pronounce croissant like an American.

  8. Tomorrow fly to Paris, lol 😂 I will try the bakery you guys mentioned. I can’t eat sugar ; I will find out what I can find. Thank🙏 you the most beautiful and sweetest couple 😊

  9. I have read that most boulangeris don't like credit card use if the total is under 20 Euros. They prefer cash instead. Is that true?

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  11. How lucky! I'm in Paris right now. Great timing! I've been eating different types of pastries. Will definitely try some of your recommendations. Thank you!!!

  12. Bonjour! We are coming out next week and we’re so excited! We downloaded your book and it will be amazingly helpful!

    One question: should I not wear a purse? I always do and it seems so weird to me to just wear a money belt. Is a small bag a bad idea? I will say I’m hyper aware of my bag at all times. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  13. Whoops. I would like to know where you ate the Kouign from La Madison Isabelle. Looked like a great place I didn’t find on the Seine

  14. I loved La Madison Isabelle I tried the Paris Brest there. The best…. But next time I’m trying what you had today! Thank you your videos helped me have a wonderful visit.

  15. J'adore Kouign Aman, but that one is GORGEOUS!! I assure my friends that Kuoign Aman will change their lives!!! I live In Los Angeles, I wish there was a French bakery HERE that made it like that!!!

  16. Super Cool video, oh man! Where do I begin? From the Pain au raisins to the croissant aux amandes to the Chausson aux Pommes to Kouign Amann…………. Oh! this stuff is nuts! Just so much to try! Can't wait for our trip #2 next April! Of course we'll balance it all out with lots of walking… Merci for waking sleeping dogs to all that's available 😍😍

  17. Was just in Paris , wanted to have coffee in street side restaurant but was totally put off by the amount of smoking ! Loved the pastries and sandwiches but had to eat them away from the smoke ! My biggest problem ,sorry 😎

  18. We already tried La Maisson Isabelle on Sunday but they don’t serve coffee so we went to McDonald’s across from the entrance of The Cluny Museum. And had our pastries by the shady museum entrance. Perfect

  19. Hello Antoine an Colleen. First off my girlfriend and I absolutely love your videos! Any good tips on Traveling from Paris to London and vice versa?

  20. Les Frenchies need to host tours of Paris. I'll be the first in line. Great videos! However, you might both need a long walk after all those pastries!

  21. Thank you so much for your videos! I love armchair traveling with the two of you 😊 Please don't stop lol! I love the reality of these, it's like being there with you. Thank you!

  22. I love anything with choux pastry the most, of all French pastries. Eclairs are especially my favorite. Only in Paris can you find decent eclairs…

  23. are you saying "you have a pain au chocolat, an espresso and rude thoughts and you're a Parisian"? LOL, the rude thoughts really binds it all together HAHA.

  24. the thing that kills me is that in Paris you get the real deal for only 2 Euro, but in America if you go to Starbucks a lame sad croissant that is the consistency of a dinner role costs $4.00 AND if you are lucky enough like I am to live by amazing french bakeries like Arsicault Bakery in San Francisco it's $5.00 (but so worth it). Why do we charge so much here in America!? oh right, greed.

  25. I believe Marie-Antoinette brought the croissants to France when she married, poor woman.
    Thank you for the video!

  26. Vacationed in paris this week also geneva and brussels and I have to thank you for making my trip so much more convenient. Next time I know someone is going to paris, I'll recommend your channel.

  27. I’m currently eating all the almond croissants throughout Paris 😊
    We are using your guide to help us find all sorts of great places. Thank you for sharing so much great information. Tomorrow we are going to Montparness tower for our last night.

  28. Merci beaucoup pour vos vidéos ! Ils sont très intéressants. Nous allons à Paris le mois prochain et j'ai hâte de visiter les nombreux restaurants et boulangeries que vous recommandez. (Pratiquer mon français aussi!) 😋🥐

  29. Thank you for sharing. We are so jealous of you guys. Breakfast here in Australia only consists of vegemite toast & corn flake cereal


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