1,300 NYT staffers refuse to return to office

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‘Fox & Friends Weekend' co-host Will Cain weighs in after The New York Times announced a return to office three days per week. #FoxNews

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36 thoughts on “1,300 NYT staffers refuse to return to office

  1. It can literally go under, it's fish wrap. Their website is behind a paywall I'd never pay a nickel for.
    The world doesn't care about the New York Times anymore.

  2. My job is considered essential and I had to go into work during the entire pandemic. These people are delusional. If you don’t show up, then find another job. 🤷🏿

  3. Fire them all. And start over. Just fire them . Do not let anyone dictate policy to your company. This will send a message to everyone who thinks they can hold up a company. The rest of the world has to work, get out there and shut your mouth. Work or starve.

  4. Journalists used to be working class folks looking out for working class folks by writing stories about trials of working class folks now they're Harvard elites.

  5. In the UK traditionally home workers are paid alot less than those doing the same job at a place of work. Maybe a reduction in wages will encourage office working again?

  6. Well then, the only option is to raise there salaries from 100,000.00 as a base to 1.5 million dollars!!!!!! Seeing that money comes from magic thin air in nyc it shouldn’t be any problem.

  7. Are there "third parties" – I won't name the usual suspects – who'll donate to the corporation behind the NYT – so as to "keep the ship afloat" at all costs – because the NYT spins their message ???

  8. They're eating their own. I love it. Fire those folks and bring in people who care about working, but that would mean they'd have to hire Conservatives!

  9. Nyt employees want to copy other people's work while they rewrite pieces at home? How the heck can a journalist write from home unless it's opinion pieces 🤔

  10. Well sounds like 1,300 plus jobs just opened up. If you don’t want to show up for work then you get fired it’s pretty simple

  11. If they refuse to come into the office, can't they be treated as having quit? And then wouldn't they lose their right to claim unemployment benefits?

  12. The policies NYT pushed (as stated in the video) will collapse NYC. Now that all these folks are staying home to work who is in the big high-rise office buildings that cost millions in rentals, utilities,… every year. The real estate market in NYC, Chicago, LA,…. are going to go bust. Think for a minute how many HUGE buildings there are in these big cities that are ONLY office buildings. JS

  13. The Boston Globe is doing the same thing and it's funny how they start back up on the same day. Almost like they talk to each other.


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