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35 thoughts on “£800,000 Yacht Tour : Fjord 41XL

  1. That's a bit of a Tardis, what a fantastic use of space. I had to actually check the length of this one in the description. Very nice thank you for sharing.

  2. I was surprised at the size if the rear cabin, the 44 you did had a tiny rear cabin comparatively in a bigger boat.

  3. Thank you Nick for taking us on a tour of this yatch.. This is a cute little boat from outside, but has enough room for a lot of things!! A weekend yatch for sure.. Loved the design and as usual your descriptive tour!!

  4. Wasn’t going to watch this one as I thought not really suited to our waters, but wow! What a stunning boat…. Inspiration have really thought of it all with adaptive solutions and layouts. And then you went below, really was gobsmacked at how much was there… engine room is where I look at build quality and it’s so well laid out, everything is getatable (to coin a phrase) and neat…
    Stunning boat for a family and a lot of friends. Great tour 👍🏻

  5. That second cabin is amazing! Much better than the MRI tunnel style. I would full time on this boat easily. If only they made a wind-powered version.

  6. The fact you can enclose the outside really makes the boat capable of having 3 sleeping areas under the right circumstances which really makes this an enticing option for coastal undertakings (not in the UK with that weather, but for Southern California this is brilliant!)

  7. As others have said, a great boat for it size. Great for getting about the South West Peninsular or over to the Channel Islands. It would also make a great super yacht tender.
    Excellent video, keep them coming.

  8. Often wondered about seats that change in sunbathing areas, does sunscreen or perspiration not stain the fabric ?

  9. What a great layout. There’s now way I would guessed this contains two proper cabins and a separate shower with all that deck space on a 41’ boat. Not to mention the huge swim platform. Almost puts a traditional cabin cruiser to shame.

  10. That’s one smart day boat with so much extra! Really cool, really impressive use of space and stunning to look at.
    Another superb tour too, thank you!

  11. Great boat. Nick- it's hard to get a sense of the height of each area. When you selfie the camera, it gives us a great perspective. Please more of that. Thanks. Keep up the good work.

  12. The fourth seat actually goes in the gap between the seats. It's unusual to get four seats in a row at the helm on any size boat. It's one of the things that appeals to me with this boat.

    Fabulous big windscreen but couldn't see any wipers? Even paradise has rain and spray at sea!

  13. Liked the "Oreo storage" option. You must always factor in an afternoon tea emergency. Although I do prefer a Nice or a Custard Cream myself.

  14. I don't understand, why would anyone get this for 800,000 pounds when they can get much more boat in virtual any other brand or any other class

  15. I was enjoying the tour and admiring the ship,then you stepped into the 2nd cabin.I said, "Wow" out loud.I wasn't expecting so much room inside it,nor the fact there was even a 2nd cabin.That's pretty well set for a day boat,and even a couple nights out fishing.

  16. Very nice sized boat. We are getting older and much enjoy a little more time out of the sun, yet on the water. She a beautiful boat, for a younger crowd? I have no complaint about her other than I think I am turning into a vampire! A nice deck salon for me.

  17. That is probably the biggest swim platform I have seen on a (smaller) boat, amazing, but Nick you missed finding out what was under the hatches that were in that platform. If the whole lot goes into the water , I wonder what you could put in them and how big they are. Thanks Nick for the Video.

    Edit.. I just figured out why those hatches would be there… Getting to the outdrives for service and repairs. Duh to me.. lol


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