Arrested On His Own Front Porch MASSIVE LAWSUIT

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44 thoughts on “Arrested On His Own Front Porch MASSIVE LAWSUIT

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  2. I was visiting family in Welch WV in 2002 right before I went off to the Army. I went to a friend of my cousins house with my cousin. An hour later a Welch officer came up and put me in handcuffs and said I "scratched off" in my truck when I pulled in. No talking, nothing but handcuffs and took me to jail. I was released the next day all charges dropped. Fuck those mother fuckers. I left and have never been back to that shithole since.

  3. Unacceptable… these revenue rangers need to be fired and barred from any career involving authority. The citizens deserve proper compensation for dealing with an incompetent public servant.

  4. Soooo are we just going to overlook the fact that the radio response was, "10-4, is it a white male or black male?" May be possible identifiers, but post arrest?

  5. Officers are clearly racist and need to find a new career. I'm an old white guy and they would never treat me this way.

  6. Cops have not yet learned to respect the public and stop criminal activity against the public .The set ups ,the illegal arrest , disrespect by lying to the public , see how they lie ,out right lies. Fabricates laws and crimes

  7. Can I just say I love hearing a citizen use the cops own “in this day and age, a lot of crazy stuff happening nowadays”

  8. Amazing, The white police /lawmakers continue to fabricate laws to suit themselves, just as they did to the native American Indians

  9. The pigs trespassing and has no fucking business there so he needs to lose his job and be prosecuted for criminal trespass

  10. Uncle was cool calm and collected’ go ahead take me to jail if I’m hindering you from doing your job’ 😂, he knew he about to get paid

  11. 13:40 Dispatch “is he a white male or black male?”
    And why is that the first decretory term asked for? They don’t have a suspect, so they aren’t trying to match him to anyone, so why does skin color matter in this situation?

  12. I will watch this monstrosity later. If I watch it now I won't be able to sleep

    Did this police officer come from the 18th century???

    Anyone can own a home now.

  13. Yeah this is why when police roll up you go inside, if they knock on your door you ask if they have a warrant without opening the door, if they force their way in without one you shoot them like you would any other home invader.

  14. The Constitution does NOT “grant” protections or Rights. It merely recognizes them.
    The protections and Rights recognized in the Constitution are not granted by men.

  15. Another clear case of the "Police" being Bullies. An example needs to be made. Also the family needs to "Run them Pockets"!!!

  16. American policing and the legal system completely baffles me ..for a country that prides itself on being the land of the free ,you sure do have some big problems …

  17. Obviously I assume that you have no rights when it comes to these..thugs with badges…don't ask them questions about your own personal business, lives, properties and rights. Since they are more human then us citizens 🙄

  18. "Is he a white male or a black male?"

    What did his race have to do with anything here Mr. Radio Cop? Would you have let him go if he was white?

  19. the second piggy stepped on your property you tell him…"get off or i will defend my land" he doesn't comply;..shoot to kill….justice

  20. Say it with me officer “I am just informing you, thank you and have a nice rest of your day” then turn around and leave 🤨


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