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Today I'm giving you a whole new take on a plus size try on haul. We're trying plus size fashion from from Pretty Little Thing, and Im giving you my brutally honest review. We've got dresses, pants, tops, jackets and more.


Plus Dusty Pink Plisse High Waisted Wide Leg Pants
Plus Dusty Pink Plisse Button Front Oversized Shirt
Plus Camel Halterneck Cargo Split Hem Jumpsuit
Plus Chartreuse Textured Cut Out Straight Leg Jumpsuit
Plus Yellow Textured One Shoulder Ruched Midi Dress
Plus Mocha Bardot Oversized Thick Knit Midi Dress
Plus Brown V Neck Collar Sweater
Plus Brown Knit Wide Leg Pants
Plus Chocolate Half Zip Collared Detail Midaxi Dress
Plus Rust Puff Sleeve Puffball Hem Dress
Plus Black PU Cropped Belted Aviator Jacket
Plus White Ruching Tie Detail Short Sleeve Crop Top
Plus Ash Grey Double Side Stripe Joggers

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  1. Why in the world are plus size outfits shown on smaller bodies? I would be more likely to buy if I knew how it looked on a body like mine.

  2. OMG Anna that first orange dress could be a tunic with some black leggings and boots. Just style it a little and wear it like a tunic. It's a great color.

  3. I liked the white two piece on you. It's so hot that I wonder why the sweater dress? 🤔 Just looking at it makes me feel like I'm having hot flashes. 🥵

  4. I appreciate your hauls and sharing different companies and clothing styles. There was something about the pacing of this video and the sound effects that did not work for me.

  5. ‘Kind of like how I was in middle school’ I’ve never related to something so much in my life 😂😂😂

  6. Anna I'm glad to see you are telling prices again. byt you STILL aren't giving us sizes. one other thing I'm wondering if you could tell us return policies on these stoes. plus which ones you are returning would be nice. thanks!

  7. Love the haul videos. I actually found Eloquii through you and started going outside my fashion comfort zone and it has been amazing!!

  8. I have the puffball dress in several colors & it’s 🔥. It’s not that you’re to tall lady, but to wide. A lot of the models on the website are 5’9” & taller. It’s supposed to fit short. I’m 5’6” & I wear biker shorts or leggings when I wear it & get tons of compliments.

  9. Дякую💙💛 дуже подобається твоя робота, ти класна!!🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰

  10. ..and ….
    If it takes forever..
    then I will wait forever
    if he's cool enough
    he will burn me
    Through and through ..
    whoa whoa whoa..
    Cool Rider from the movie Grease 2 and it was actress
    Michelle Pfeiffer that singing
    That 1982..
    Peace 🕊️☮️🥺❤️🍀

  11. Do you sell the clothing you don’t like or doesn’t fit, like KimK and the gang I don’t have a champagne budget or broom stick figure. I have a chronic intestinal pseudo obstruction which means my stomach intestine and bladder are paralyzed I have to hook up to IV 12-15 hr a day. Due to my disorder I can’t work and I am on a budget hence my question. I adore how real you are your relatable, can we have a tour of your new apartment it looks beautiful, with details you don’t see in many apartments.

  12. Thanks for the try on…You go out of my comfort zone to try on things that I wonder ummm how will that look on me…You keep being you…💜

  13. Your videos do show how different shaped clothing will look on bodies similar to yours. That's helped me greatly. I have to agree with some of the other comments…your personality is great without adding a comedy routine to reinforce the fact that our own bodies just won't fit in certain clothing types!! Your older videos where you gave an initial opinion of the clothing (fabric feel, how it was made, if it was cheap feeling/looking, etc.), then giving another opinion after trying on the item were much more help to me.

  14. I'd like to see some styling with the clothes that fit. You used to be so good at that. What is happening? I thought the neon dress and brown dress looked nice.

  15. Why not showcase items that fit you. You always wear outfits that fit and suit you while showing the stuff that does not fit,flatter
    ( ok except the chocolate dress).

  16. Anna I love that you're doing more hauls. I'm juicy and tall too so it's nice to see how these items actually translate to my amazonian dimensions. YOU MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE!
    Often a maxi is a midi and regular pants are often capris(on me). Love your attitude. You are contagious! Thanks so much

  17. I was having a real sucky day beginning with a flat tire and I'm too broke to replace it right now. Watching Anna do this haul is the first laugh ,I've had all day. She's just a ray of sunshine.Thanks Anna

  18. Another great 👍 haul Anna I love the brown dress on you it looks stunning you were so funny thank you for another great video and you are so honest and beautiful🥰

  19. I love watching your try ons , always so helpful and fun to watch. A Watch have a great weekend and keep the videos coming see you soon Ana enter


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