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home is where you park it. here's a lil tour of my 2002 Chevy Trailblazer that i converted into a full time home. enjoy!

link to the Q&A video:

instagram: @caitzen

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21 thoughts on “car living – my suv tour

  1. i’m getting a lot of questions every single day (thank you!), and most of them are repeated questions that i’ve already answered in the Q&A video i have linked at the end of the video and in the description box, so go check it out! if i didn’t answer your question there, feel free to shoot it to me on instagram @caitzen. love and light!

  2. Man, I just know if nothing else, that the amount of money you can save doing this is incredible. The freedom & independence is a nice bonus too.

  3. THANKS FOR YOUR VIDEO!! i also have a chevy trailblazer and i’m SO CLOSE to doing this, seeing how simple you did this, you’ve inspired me!! i wanted to see the same vehicle as mine and what the possibilities are. i just saw this particular video and got super excited and messaged you right away. do you have a way you make money and stay on the road? how do you make food, shower, and use the restroom? if you have videos that answer this, please link? 🌙✨🤍

  4. Where do you hide your fishing pole and tackle?? lol I'm using mine for fish camping. I don't have a bed in it yet but will soon. Loved your video. That's a sweet set up!!

  5. You make this look good. I live in my RV and you really don't need much, I got tried of chasing a mortgage, then rent, ect. Now I have less and more happy.

  6. I actually like living in my car. I have freedom, can save money and can be by myself and do what I please. Is it comfortable? Not really, but I can literally just drive where I want with my home!


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