Civilian Tries on NASA Spacesuit For the First Time | WIRED

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How does WIRED's Brent Rose feel about being the first person outside of the space program to try on a pressurized space suit? “The geekiest kid, in the nerdiest candy store in the universe!” Watch as Brent tries on and shows off the newest in space suit technologies with the help of ILC Dover, the company that makes these human-sized space ships.

Director: Wendi Jonassen
Director of Photography: Jim Zura
Senior Editor: Brady Jackson
Host: Brent Rose
Talent: Daniel Klopp, Greg Muller

Producer: Adam Davis-McGee
Line Producer: Joseph Buscemi
Associate Producer: Melissa Cho
Production Manager: Eric Martinez
Production Coordinator: Fernando Davila

Audio: Jeremy Lane
Cam Op: Billy Stewart
Production Assistant/Grip: Mitchel Earley

Post Production Supervisor: Alexa Deutsch
Post Production Coordinator: Ian Bryant
Supervising Editor: Doug Larsen
Junior Editor: Paul Tael
Assistant Editor: Billy Ward

Special Thanks: NASA Johnson Space Center, ILC Dover

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23 thoughts on “Civilian Tries on NASA Spacesuit For the First Time | WIRED

  1. Cool Video and impressive space suit, although i prefer the russian orlan design (big door in the back). Oh and Polaris Dawn (civilian EVA) is slated for 12/22…so not that far of.

  2. Weren't those orange suits orange so they would be highly visible in case an unfortunate astronaut somehow ends up floating in the ocean? A blue&black color scheme seems like a slight design flaw in that regard.

  3. I don't know what I was expecting when they got to the part about how they make them but a few ancient Singer sewing machines in a drab office is not what I pictured 😆

  4. Gli americani non sono mai stati sulla luna,le caratteristiche fisiche della luna sono tali da impedire l'utilizzo delle (primitive ) tecnologie umane per decollare da lì,muoversi autonomamente ,frenare curvare etc nel vuoto assoluto.Ssulla terra i motori a razzo usano l'atmosfera come appoggio per entrare in orbita bassa,il combinato tra campo gravitazionale e velocità angolare terrestre permettono nel vuoto di salire di quota o entrare nello spazio.Sulla luna manca totalmente atmosfera e la velocità angolare è solo un ventottesimo di quella terrestre ,in pratica vi è un dominio del campo gravitazionale lunare ,che è il motivo per il quale sulla superficie lunare vi sono milioni di crateri da impatto …per questi motivi avvicinarsi alla luna è come finire dentro le sabbie mobili

  5. ILC Dover made them all – really, including the Apollo mission suits? I thought they only designed them and had Playtex manufacture them.

  6. Cool Video and impressive space suit, although i prefer the russian orlan design (big door in the back). Oh and Polaris Dawn (civilian EVA) is slated for 12/22…so not that far of.

  7. Интересно, как теперь американцы будут летать без русских двигателей. Космическая станция также не может адекватно работать без русских. Только и остаётся – примерять скафандры на земле)))))

  8. So… This is the final product? I don't see much changed….

    Sure it's better.

    Looks very attractive.
    Might even have a chance to make a space baby who knows.

    Why can't space x let us see the blueprints and make a variation knock off like certain countries do to us. Or are we just to stubborn. Cause if we are I'm ok with that.

    Please someone donate an AI or 3 designer class to NASA with a formidable 3D printers, that's plural.


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