Don't Look in the Mirror | Short Horror Film

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Don't look in the mirror…

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Writer. Director. DP. Editor – Alex Magaña
Co-Writer – Jed Brian
Sound Mixer. Grip. PA – Sienna Sunkara

Lauren – Autumn Noel
Mom – Elle Sunkara
Mirror (voice) – Erin Hadfield


45 thoughts on “Don't Look in the Mirror | Short Horror Film

  1. Ah yes. The old mirror horror. Not a bad short. Keep up the good work. I remember Mirror Mirror with Karen Black and Rainbow Harvest (yes that's her real name) and another mirror movie is the very old German silent film from 1914 called The Student of Prague. Interesting entertainment. Well perfection isn't everything. So ladies, don't stare at them mirrors too long. Or you might end up with Tammy Fae Baker looks. Eeeeeewwww 🤮. Lol, bad ol' mirrors.

  2. Love short horror films and found ur channel by accident but now i just can't stop watching all ur videos uploaded… It's addictive for people who loves such story lines…ur channel is way good… Plz if u have any other such channel give me the link right now ..m in for subscription, 😄

  3. Seriously if I heard that I’d take heaviest thing I can get and throw it at the mirror because who in the world would look at a Mirror that tells it to look at itself

  4. It drive me nuts when she widen her eyes and smile from ear to ear, I will never ever mess with this girl in real life.


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