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Reminiscing on when I used to be brand new to car life less than a year ago, wanted to share some knowledge while it’s still fresh 😉


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24 thoughts on “Living in Your Car for Beginners

  1. Thanks for the advice I will start living in my car 0ct 1st I am so nervous and I suffer from anxiety so this video helped me alot thank you

  2. Sleeping in your car isn't illegal but there are city ordinances in most cities that prohibit you from parking in a parking lot where the businesses are closed… why Planet Fitness and other 24-hour businesses come in clutch

  3. I feel like a burden here so I'm really getting tempted and saying fuck it I'm gonna live in my car. I found your tips very helpful, and probably gonna pull thru with living in my car next month. I have no idea how this is gonna turn out to be or if I'm just goin to be a coward and crash into a metal pole and kill myself but I don't know I'm just so fucking lost right now

  4. Amazon also has portable showers, stalls, and female urinals for those days you can't go to the gym or for those who can't pay a monthly gym membership fee. Actually, Amazon has a lot of helpful items for car living. A pack of thermal blankets for those in colder temps is only like $7 (4 pack). Lots of survival gear. I had to live in my car last year so, I know what you're going through. I would go to the lake to relax. Also, you can park in a well lit hotel parking lot because people expect to see cars there for a certain amount of time. Just make sure to park in an area where people will see you if someone tries to do something to you but, make you you're not too conspicuous. I work at a hotel so, I can tell you I felt safe doing this. A lot of times, if you go in and speak to the person on third shift (starts at 11pm), they're usually pretty cool and will keep an eye on you. Hope this helps.

  5. Unless you insist on constantly moving around or can't afford better, try to find someplace better and safer and cleaner and roomier and more convenient to sleep than a car.

  6. Good move mentioning the power banks! They're extremely useful when you aren't driving or need to charge your phone while you sleep or something. Very useful video. I'm going to be saving up for a car to do car living. I realized that to have a home and the usual "American dream", I'd have to leave my job I love to have it. I won't sacrifice my happiness for possessions.

    I may only work at a Dollar General but I get a lot of hours and whatnot. I'm a stocker and the boss is chill, my coworkers are chill, very helpful, and the work pays well for someone who does in car living. Why would I sacrifice the already comfortable potential situation for what society says is right?

    You're doing an amazing job. I do have a question though. What car companies should I buy from that I don't have to worry too much about maintenance wise? I'm not a skilled mechanic myself.


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