McEnany: This was a lie by Karine Jean-Pierre

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The ‘Outnumbered' panel discussed the latest on the border crisis as a new Fox video shows migrants pouring into the United States. #FoxNews

KAYLEIGH MCENANY: I'm going to quote someone who has a way with words. And it's my former colleague, Stephen Miller, who to that point said this. Human vocabulary is inadequate to convey the volcanic Vesuvian magnitude of her lie. And I don't use that word lightly, but I use it here because to say that you have done more to secure the border, the natural follow up is what have you done? Joe Biden, you left as a rotting pile. Border supplies that should have been used to build the wall. We've all seen the pictures of those materials just sitting there wasting away. You rolled back Remain in Mexico. Oh, yeah. You did that to secure the border. You didn't work with the Mexican government who called you the migrant president to bring troops there to the southern border like President Trump did, and you're trying to roll back Title 42. You have not done one thing to secure this border, and that talking point, I don't use the word lie lightly, but I use it in response to that because that's very evidently what that is

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28 thoughts on “McEnany: This was a lie by Karine Jean-Pierre

  1. I completely disagree with Kayleigh. It's not "this was lie" with Jean-Pierre, it should be "these are lies". And she'll pick it up tomorrow.

  2. It was better than it has been in 20 years when trump was in office . Our country is in a war and our gov is the enemy

  3. I read awhile back a border patrol officer said since Biden took office over 4 million have jumped the border. We cannot take in the world. Most dont even speak out language. Crime is up??? And what the hell are we letting in?

  4. It should be an electric fence nothing can touch our border, you have no choice but to raid all 20miles or so of the entire south for tunnels and houses connected to possible tunnels.

  5. Vedidos don't lie and they just turn a blind eye ' huh I just said that . I lived in San Diego it isn't Now and it differently wasn't then the only one that made a difference no matter how you see it is our former president Trump that's the facts

  6. Secure boarder I live in UPstate ny and I was at the barbershop and my barber has two illegal immigrants who came from Mexico 2 months ago working on his properties and his barbershop.

  7. When and if I listen to Karin. I realize when you twist words to make them go your way is why people believe this when regime. It's disgusting


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