'Mornings with Maria' panel blasts Hillary Clinton's 'ridiculous' comparison

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FOX Business' Maria Bartiromo, Jackie DeAngelis and Fox News contributor Liz Peek discuss Hillary Clinton comparing House Speaker Pelosi to Queen Elizabeth II. 

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32 thoughts on “'Mornings with Maria' panel blasts Hillary Clinton's 'ridiculous' comparison

  1. Beyond absurdity! I think Hilary’s comment is over the top. Can you imagine the Queen ripping up a Prime Minister’s speech? Nancy is tough and certainly does not exemplify any graciousness. And Hilary is the same unfortunately.

  2. Hil stick to your 2 million a speech job . 😂 The Queen loved her county. Pelosi hates her country by pushing poor and middle class into the street. ( Inflation ) .

  3. Hillary Clinton and the Clinton foundation profited hundreds of millions of dollars that was suppose to go to Haiti and the people that lost their homes in the 2009 Earthquake. She is nasty. She looks like Chucky the scary doll. How anyone would vote for that Witch is beyond my reality

  4. Wow how the heck can PELOSI be compared to the queen of England?? She's a drunk and corrupt p.o.s to the point her husband can't even get in trouble for drunk driving and she can walk into a hair salon while telling the rest of the country it's not safe. Then tell the country when it's shown to the public and all she can say is she was was the victim. Sorry PELOSI Hillary is not someone you should hold her comments in high regards. And Hillary you're worthless and corrupt and need to stay out of politics you're done in that field you corrupt evil snake

  5. Pelosi thinks SHES the Queen ? History ( if we’re allowed one ) will NOT be kind to her and her Confederates ? Developed the concept of PARTY UBER ALLIS !

  6. Yea ok and Hillary Clinton is just like Joe Biden,, one of them is a horrible leader and the other one is a want to be leader…

  7. 🤣🤣🤣🤣so the most corrupt lying woman in the world says the second most corrupt woman in the world is comparable to the queen? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. The flies always gather around Clinton and pelosi, the stench of a fresh pile always comes from their mouths when they open them,

  9. Clinton is a idiot Queen Elizabeth had more class than these two rude nasty evil women Clinton and Pelosi could never ever make a pimple on the queen bottom shame on you.

  10. Someone probably didn't get a invitation to the Queen 's funeral because she thinks she is the Queen of Tawain. Maybe leave the Tawain one China policy in place and defend Tawain if China attacks instead of causing a unnecessary war that could be prevented with China. If Nancy were a Queen she would talk to Xi diplomatically or allow other diplomats to. Nancy doesn't even know where Hong Kong is and surport the Monarchy there for the new Monarchy. If Nancy is the Queen isn't knowing British policy of not provoking China something that she has studied? Only diplomacy between Britain 🇬🇧, the United States, and China will improve relations. Nancy is just power thirsty since Biden is intimidated by China and Russia.

  11. I'm totally offended about the comparison too. Queen Elizabeth was a lot of things, BUT she had class, something Pelosi will NEVER have.

  12. Please do not disrespect the queen. Queen represents class, dignity, discipline and epitome of duty. This is ridiculous. Can't believe.


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