Neighbors complain about people living in cars

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Dozens of San Diegans are calling on the City Council to take action after they say a decision to let people live in their cars is creating homeless camps in their neighborhoods.


11 thoughts on “Neighbors complain about people living in cars

  1. I have a solution! Stop buying houses and using them as a business to get rich as you make others poor. People don’t care anymore about people, they only care about money. Sickening.

  2. I live in Canada and its just as bad here. I'm an engineer with a pretty good job but if not for my mom I'd probably live in some kind of vehicle before I'd give one cent to a landlord.

  3. Ok karen!! Since you have a problem that doesn't have shit to do with you, instead of trying to make these people's lives harder why not get housing for them since you want them off the streets so bad. Be a part of the solution and not the dyam problem πŸ™„πŸ™„

  4. People who live in their Vans and RVs and cars arent homeless. they prefer not to pay the high cost of rent especially in California. So many individuals work so many hours just to to come up with their rent money and electricity plus groceries on top of that day care and car insurance and car maintnance. So alot of people are buying vans downsizing their belonging to own only what is necessary. Im a single mom my kid is now 18. I am just recently watching van life videos. Had i known about this movement before i would have done it then. I would have been able to afford day care. And all i would have needed was a monthly membership to a gym for my kid and i to shower.

  5. Since she has so much money, why doesn’t she come up with a social group to prevent homelessness instead of trying to make human suffering illegal?


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