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Upcoming Horror Movies featured in this video:
00:00 The Breach
01:43 Barbarian
04:09 The Invitation
06:48 She Will
08:23 Smile
10:34 Resurrection
12:37 Blackwood
14:00 American Carnage
16:19 The Summoned
18:31 The Reef: Stalked

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36 thoughts on “NEW HORROR MOVIE TRAILERS (2022)

  1. most of these look really good! i've heard nothing but praise about barabian, and i've already booked my tickets for smile. the invitation, cheesy as it is, has me in a HEADLOCK,,,
    i love when vampire "romance" goes horribly wrong
    american carnage is a jenna ortega film which i already violently adore
    the breach??? i guess it looks interesting??? i dunno halfway through it started looking like a b tier horror so i'm not super interested
    the reef movie looks bad and i'm tired of them. stop making movies about sharks being predatory towards humans anyone who knows their shit is sick of it

  2. Some of these movies look good, especially the "Smile" movie. "Carnage" looked like a movie with a lot of potential. The problem with it is that it looks like a "woke" mess. I don't like "woke" movies. Social Justice Warriors ruin everything they touch. This looks like another thing they ruined. A movie that looked like it could be good being ruined with Hollywood trying to "shoe horn" their Marxist agenda down our throats. Sorry, but I'll pass.

  3. Well, it seems the wokist times we are unfortunately living in have not only killed comedy, they also destroyed the horror genre. Everything is so predictable and pretentious. Boring as hell!

  4. "She Will" looks interesting – that's Alice Krige (Silent Hill, Ghost Story, Star Trek, TCM) and she's always cool even if the movie isn't.

  5. We can see how Jordan Peele influenced on some of these new movies. Especialy on movies like Smile and The Invitation.

  6. I miss the days when all it took to make a good horror movie was a simple plot, middle of the road acting, a guy in a mask and some boobies. No messages, no politics, no social justice woke BS. That great golden age.

  7. I have some hope for The Breach, as it's based on a work of Nick Cutter's.. I am about to start the audiobook of this, as it's the only thing of his I haven't heard/read n it's audible only. I am kinda surprised they chose this as a first film adaptation, as The Troop and The Deep would both adapt well to screen. Little Heaven is pretty good too. If you love horror, and haven't read the aforementioned books by Nick Cutter..I highly recommend.

  8. WTF is up with all these damsel in distress turned vigilante bad ass movies? Totally sick of this new wave of Horror films they're forcing on everyone.

  9. Some of these look ok – i have found it best to go into horror movies that look good with LOW expectations. If the movie turns out pretty good , I'm happy I watched… if I go in expecting its really good , I am almost ALWAYS let down. I have found it better to go thru my life enjoying more movies and having a good time by NOT letting high expectations RUIN my movie time. And YES – I do avoid ALL movies that look bad – because even with low expectations bad makes for sad waste of time !!!

  10. The invitation seems to have some secret society symbolism in it. Also looks like it’s being filmed on what of the Rothschilds estates.

  11. We already got that derpy grin concept with Truth or Dare. If it had been, I dunno, covering your mouth instead of smiling I might have given the thing some credit.

    Also, take out that trashy music! The music just kills it so often.

  12. "The Invitation" is already the title of a 2015 thriller.

    Maybe it makes sense after you've seen the movie but "She Will" is an incredibly off-putting title. Same for "The Barbarian" (at least for a horror movie).

  13. The fact that no one has commented about American carnage brings me joy. Just try to illegally immigrate to Mexico. See what happens

  14. I haven't seen a really good scary movie in a long time. Most are disappointing. Might try Barbarian. The Ring scared the crap out of me. I like the short horror movies on Alter & & ACM Official on You Tube. 10 minutes of pure scares . Some better than others but I highly recommend those 2.

  15. I think all this diversity and inclusion crap is going to ruin parts of these movies it doesn’t mean that they won’t be likable to some people just that it will make them stupid because of wokeness bullshit

  16. A few look all right. Potentially good, but often cheesy. I will say one thing is for certain, I am SO OVER sharks being depicted as human hunting monsters. I think it’s honestly disgusting at this point to keep making movies of that storyline.

  17. The executive producer….is SLASH for the first 🎥 film! MEANING Guns and Roses🌹hmmm. Sounds intriguing. They all look pretty darn good. Can't wait!! I'm all about the HORROR. Nothing more, nothing less.

  18. "From A producer of IT", "From AN executive producer of THE GRUDGE and THE RING".

    So basically nobody noteworthy backed this movie


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