Sean Hannity 9/15/22 FULL HD | BREAKING FOX NEWS September 15,2022

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33 thoughts on “Sean Hannity 9/15/22 FULL HD | BREAKING FOX NEWS September 15,2022

  1. I am loving the fact that the truth is finally and I emphasize finally coming to light! I can’t imagine how scared all these criminals are and they should be!

  2. She's been a bone head for years! Let me come in illegal just not my Ritzy Neighborhood!! Hippocrates Allright there for sending them in your Neighborhood that's Ok!!!

  3. Just 50, and they are crying ,kicking and screaming…hilarious hypocrisy.
    And they act so blind to their hypocrisy… πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ😘

  4. No but trader Joe has the services that they need and put them in Obama's new mansion and have him welcome them with open arms

  5. What I gathered from her statement was "we're all for illegal immigrants coming to America for an opportunity towards a better life….. Just don't come here to do it πŸ˜’"… And that's the sentiment I believe of most people in AMERICA concerning immigrants illegal or otherwise in or around where they live …. JUST DON'T COME HERE TO DO IT … Hell, they don't even want the home grown American homeless camped out in their communities much less foreigners and probably for good reasons. πŸ˜’

  6. Its ridiculous and asinine for Gavin Newsome and Joe Biden to claim Governor ABBOT and DeSantis kidnapped WILLING MIGRANTS and are using them as political pawns by bussing them across the country to Blue states..if thats true then BIDEN KIDNAPPED all the migrants he flew to every state under cover of darkness and lied about long before the governors did…Newsome is an idiot..Both ABBOT and DeSantis are ELECTED OFFICIALS..only VOTERS can REMOVE them..thats up to each state .. Newsome and Biden have NO AUTHORITY

  7. Aren't we playing the political game at the border first by letting them come across the border that's where the political game is thank you and have a great day

  8. Oh yes you can pitch in and feed them give them can set up tents help them you all voted for this….deal with it….why should we have open and unvet borders….think about it Biden voters this is what you all wanted it time for you all to roll up your sleeves and practice what you speech and help…remember you voted for build back better oh yes Mr biden…..

  9. Oh god these fake media and these dems are a joke I've never come across such hypocrites…
    Pierre at it again with lies ..

  10. Its good that they sent them where everyone is rich so they can afford to pay for thier welfare health care food and lodging. America sees what racist you Democrats are.

  11. Your a Self proclaimed Sanctuary City ( island) with no room for 50 illegals. Yet it ok for Biden to all thousands every day to enter the souther bordor. WHER do you.propose those people put all the illegals. Trump had this almost completely stopped ( I say almost because there will always be a way to skirt the law). The idiot spokesperson for the WHITE House can't even read a statement yet claim Trump is responsible. Trump has not been there or had a hand in any of the SHIT Biden and Company have been doing to destroy our country. The Idiot Brainwashed Democrats need to open their eyes and see what is actually happening instead if hiding behind a demintia filled Fake So called President.


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