SHEIN CURVE FIT + PLUS SIZE TRY ON HAUL | more misses than hits | extended sizes! 2022

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Today I'm checking out the extended sizing range from Shein, it goes from a UK26 to a UK38! Thanks to Shein for gifting these items.

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SHEIN FIT+ Plus Chain Detail Tee:
SHEIN FIT+ Plus Square Neck Floral Embroidery Peplum Top:
SHEIN FIT+ Plus All Over Floral Print Tee:
SHEIN FIT+ Plus Allover Floral Print Split Hem Skirt:
SHEIN FIT+ Plus Tropical & Bird Print Tied Backless Blouse:
SHEIN FIT+ Plus Ditsy Floral Print Wide Leg Pants:
SHEIN FIT+ Plus Rainbow Striped Tee:
SHEIN FIT+ Plus High Waist Split Hem Skort:
SHEIN FIT+ Plus Solid Puff Sleeve A-line Dress:

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I'm a UK size 24 (but wear between a 22 and 26 UK)
A UK 24 works out at a US 20.
I'm 5″6, I hope this helps everyone!

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34 thoughts on “SHEIN CURVE FIT + PLUS SIZE TRY ON HAUL | more misses than hits | extended sizes! 2022

  1. I guess with the sizing they will improve as time goes on. As this is a new launch. But yeah I find shein pretty hit and miss.

  2. Oh Becky that cat would drive me crazy. The bell ringing is so annoying. I’d be asking the neighbour to keep his cat out of your place. You are much sweeter than I am lol. Not a fan of Shein or cats lol but love your videos. Thanks.

  3. Get a steamer. So much easier than an iron. I’m adverse to cheaper fabrics that wrinkle so easily that after wearing a garment for awhile, you look a wrinkled mess. Th green dress looks prone to wrinkling, though the color is lovely.
    No on the black skort, and the floral skirt. It needs to be more of an A shape to fit better.

  4. I’m just curious what the aversion to ironing/pressing/steaming is. It makes all the difference with some fabrics.

  5. Sorry Becky, for the last ¼ of the video I couldn't concentrate on what you were saying because I was too busy being entertained by the kitty 🤣 He has definitely adopted you 🐾🐈😻 xxx

  6. Hi Becky
    I thought the sizes were cut very small, the 26 wouldn't fit me and the sizes I wear are between 24 – 26uk.
    The clothes were nice, just a shame to they were to small. Need to get the sizing right. Lovely video Becky ♥️Xx

  7. There’s not a lot of point of SHEIN extending their sizes when people are having to size up two or three times. Clearly not true to size

  8. I really don’t understand the sizing on SHEIN , which has put me off ordering. As a size 28-30 I don’t know what size to go for

  9. love the video becky, the green dress you try on was the best out of all the clothes you try on hope you and your mum & dad are well. x ❤️

  10. Not sure on the shorts but there nice from the back so a would get normal shorts love the green dress 👗 ❤️❤️

  11. The floral skirt looked lovely but if your not confident enough just wear with the top untucked , either way you will look great . Loved the trouser’s with the top even more .

  12. Hey, Becky. I agree, the plus community needs a lot more options than we have. But with Shein, you get what you pay for. This is so hit and miss, almost all are a miss for me.

  13. I love smocked dresses! You definitely look like a princess, going to a tea party, Royal! So femme and soft! Love your uploads!

  14. I’ve noticed with this fit plus range I’m having to size up in most pieces I’m a 5xl in normal curve range but it seems to be disappearing makes me feel rubbish I know size is just a number but when I’m having 2 sizes bigger than from everywhere else I could cry lol

  15. Loved the daisy crop top on you. And that kitty is a calico and would have to be a female because it is super rare to find a male calico kitty.

  16. Ive bought several items from shein fit and found it hit and miss. Definitely need to size up. Ive found the materials they use to be better quality than shein clothes ive found before but maybe ive just been lucky with the bits i chose. The emerald green dress looked amazing on you 🧡

  17. There are some lovely pieces and thank you for telling us to size up. Such a pity about the sort. Did we miss a vlog on Tuesday???

  18. To 38 waaw!
    Need to check it out.
    I blablabluubbb… When I want to say everything at the same time lol

    You rock that dark turcoise waaw
    With a blazer or sjawl I even would ware it for church

    Hello Kitty, Nice to see you!

    Love the print of the skirt.
    The slit is to high for my taste too.

    Hugs from Belgium X

  19. Looking lovely again Becky
    Lovely dress you are waring.
    You always look so fresh and well rested.
    How do you do that?!
    Hugs XXX


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