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Smile. On a late night at an empty train station a lone traveler is haunted by a creepy smiling woman in a yellow dress.

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Writer. Director. DP. Editor – Alex Magaña
1st AD. Sound Mixer. Grip – Jonathan Romero

Traveler – Ariel Fullinwider
Smiling Woman – Merlynda Sol


32 thoughts on “Smiling Woman | Short Horror Film

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  2. Brother thinks this is real and I smiled at him and he started acting like the woman and now he’s trying to get my phone to call someone I am in the bathroom now

  3. I do a creepy wide smile just like this, yet I do it with my pet chickens and geese and they are terrified of me. I mean it’s honestly funny how they react. They literally get frozen with fear. Then they start hiding in the yard. They know I’m joking with them lol..🫣 After I revert back to normal..

  4. I eat jumpscares for breakfast without flinching, but this? TERRIFYING. My heart's still pounding. Very few horror shorts have ever gotten me this well.


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