The Best NEW Horror Movies (Trailers)

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Top NEW Horror Movies 2021 Full Trailer Compilation | Subscribe ➤ | More
Included in this compilation are:
00:00 The Best NEW Horror Movies
00:03 Saw: Spiral
01:40 Antlers
03:47 The Wretched
05:44 A Quiet Place 2
08:07 Freaky
10:45 Wrong Turn
12:55 Sputnik
14:51 Gaia
16:40 The Cleansing Hour
17:44 Willy's Wonderland
19:28 The Reckoning
21:12 Underwater
23:25 The Unholy
25:49 Train to Busan 2: Peninsula
27:35 The Woman in the Window
29:53 What Lies Below
31:54 The Empty Man
33:19 No Escape
35:42 The Grudge
38:29 Fantasy Island
40:48 The New Mutants
43:00 The Mortuary Collection
44:29 The Beach House
46:30 The Vigil
48:13 Brahms: The Boy 2

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33 thoughts on “The Best NEW Horror Movies (Trailers)

  1. Watching these trailers I'm getting a completely different vibe than I'd get if I was watching trailers for action movies, etc.. Those kinda trailers bore me… I think I may be a fan of horror 😅😅 I just feel that there is SO much that can be done with horror because the human mind can be a very dark and twisted place and there's no limit to what one can do with horror if you have that as fuel.

  2. To anyone who hasn't seen Willie's Wonderland only "spoiler" he does not say a fuckin word throughout the entire fuckin movie! 🤣🤣🤣

  3. It's nice to see Nicolas Cage can make fun of himself. I mean, this might actually be a movie I watch. Willy's Wonderland. HA!

  4. It was that bad chewing gum I ate at the lab now look at me I'm strong ugly and need a ginger ale soda with some Tums


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