TOP 20 Most Viewed Youtube Videos Ever 2005 – 2022

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TOP 20 Most Viewed Youtube Videos Ever 2005 – 2022.

Most popular videos on YouTube from 2005 to 2022.
Data based on searches between 2005 and 2022.
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Playlist with the best data videos:


42 thoughts on “TOP 20 Most Viewed Youtube Videos Ever 2005 – 2022

  1. It may not be the video with the most views, but everyone knows that Gangam Style is the most legendary video ever on Youtube

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  4. Why am I mad that kids videos are getting WAY too much views??? THEY TOOK OVER THE INTERNET. I wish we can go back where youtube kids did not exist

  5. Any sources you can provide? I doubt that "Unproductive Thursday" was the most viewed video, due to the fact I've never seen evidence of that video being the most viewed video before.


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