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Voodoo Rising (2016). Full horror movie.

A group of friends decide to spend their last summer together by taking a trip to the rural camping destination “Black Hills”. Once there, they find themselves in the middle of a deadly quarrel with a local family.

Director: Eddie Lengyel
Cast: April Needham, Sarah Domanick, Don Kilrain

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32 thoughts on “Voodoo Rising | Full Horror Movie

  1. Ugly movie, no justice the end is so embarrassing without solve case, don't wasted your time this stupid movie

  2. Wow I really enjoyed this movie just amazing 👌💯they were crazy people the ending though with that girl didn't expect that 😱🙈

  3. I am 20 minutes in & loosing Intrest. That sheriff with his dodgy porno stash😂🤣😂🤣..
    Might give it another 5,I will see..

  4. Good morning sexy with the sake of your hard and wet fun and wench are chicken and broccoli cheese rice casserole with me to Canaan CT scan show up and I can't wait for you too a little more 🪦😇😭 try to Canaan Baptist whoosh 👍

  5. There's is a moral to this movie A. Be aware of your surroundings B. Watch your p's @ q's when going to a new unfamiliar place and C. Always trust your gut and when it says run freaking run

  6. Some b movies although corny aren't bad to watch. This one gets a D-. I had to stop watching it. Really dumb!

  7. When you go somewhere new and a stranger comes up and tells to leave because it's dangerous, don't question it …….leave!!!

  8. @Tammy Cawman – Agreed! "Men" just watch B movies for the young, slu++¥, half-naked ho£s. Living their lives connected to their screens drooling over all the fake T&A instead of connected to a real woman. 🤮 I don't understand it…they want their wives to be "respectable" but ignore them for nastiness like this. Guess I'll stay lonely and sad cause I can't compete with this, lol SMH 🤦‍♀️🙄😪

  9. I think everyone should try to support their dreams bur there’s a time for reality to set in! when you see you have no Talent why would you want to be a actor. These people were terrible. Click out!

  10. There's a moral lesson in this movie, Here don't trust or go to a place your not familiar ,More don't trust to strangers,


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