Wagging the Long Tail: What Sells On Ebay After The Good Stuff Goes

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The next Whatnot auction is today (Wed the 14th) at 5pm Pacific. I will be auctioning off four boxes of very, very good vintage science fiction and fantasy books. If that is your thing, as it is mine, or if you just want to watch me do an auction, link is below. The book auctions are my favorite kind, it's always fun.

The Menswear Manifesto 3:
– 330 men's clothing brands
– Each brand analyzed by sellthrough rate, price and category ranking
– Use on your phone or desktop
– You decide how much you want to pay me for it

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27 thoughts on “Wagging the Long Tail: What Sells On Ebay After The Good Stuff Goes

  1. Thanks for the tips on suits. I truly appreciate it. I don't really sell men's clothes, but I went in to a .25 clothes thrift store and picked some up. It seems very few people pay attention to them.

  2. What do you think about sourcing on whatnot for clothing to sell on eBay? Been buying recently and have gotten a lot of bread and butter for 1 or 2 dollars plus shipping. Stuff I’m hoping to sell for 10-12 plus shipping. Not sure if the margins will end up being there, but I like not having to drive to the thrift. Interested to hear your thoughts or anyone else’s. Thanks.

  3. Hey there, I just received an email from Poshmark about testing a new feature. I haven’t seen the details, but they’d like me to test twice before the end of October. It’s going to be some type of direct sales model similar to Whatnot.
    I’ll let you know when the details arrive. Thanks for the videos my friend.

  4. Hello, hope you are doing well. You are an inspiration!! Would you be so kind to share what kind of shipping method you are selecting to offer Free 3 Day Shipping? Thanks so very much in advance!!!

  5. Hey Matt, don't know if this is helpful feedback, but I've watched a slew of your videos now, and every time you say "for some reason, this took a really long time to sell…", I'm always thinking: dude, look at that photo! The 90 degree pants, the Free People top, the Marti Kat shirt and most notably those Prana shorts — all those pics don't do justice to the piece, in my opinion. The garments look worn out and saggy. Maybe photograph the drooping items lying flat??? Love to watch anyway

  6. Very good video. Great sales and I like that you shared the not so exciting stuff because that's largely the reality of reselling. Is there a strategy to including commas in your ebay titles? Seems like commas would eat up character space for another word that you could use that would/could mean something to a search engine.

  7. Thank you for this video…wish I knew games and DVDs better! Matt, whenever I see one size in a title and see that the label in the pictures is different…I always DM the seller. Many sellers buy retail close outs from Macy’s, etc. They may have a red top, in 5 sizes. When they do a listing, often they make an error in the title or description. If I’m buying it, I feel it’s my job to verify prior to purchase!

  8. Found a pair of Loro Piana pants, burnt orange, but one of the hems on the legs is loose. Would anyone recommend getting it rehemmed or just sell as is?

  9. Although I hate listing clothes, I will still pick up Duluth & Kuhl & Free People. My sales are dead, probably because I charge shipping on everything. ⚰️

  10. These type of videos of yours are what helped me the most. Miss the old barebones “what solds” with the raw data but glad to see your business growing and evolving.

  11. You have inspired me to get into selling clothes. I mostly sell hard goods, but they take up so much space and are harder to ship. I've learned a ton from you, thanks Matt!

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