Fox News grills White House over Biden's answer to fentanyl flowing across border

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Fox News White House correspondent questions the White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre over what the president is doing to secure the southern border on ‘The Story.' #foxnews #thestory

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44 thoughts on “Fox News grills White House over Biden's answer to fentanyl flowing across border

  1. They have done nothing at the boarder. She fits with Joe as everything out of her is a lie or not an answer. The truth is he could not even handle the drugs in his own house.

  2. I just feel sorry for Peter James Doocy. He never gets a straight forward answer – just a lot of verbiage and inconsequential points. I hope the other journalists team up and just let him have all the time to ask questions.

  3. When will the President do something? He did! He opened the border, then Kamala said "Don't come", then said the border is secure… what else do you want Peter! They've done everything in their ability! My God stop asking what his lord and master is doing Peter!

  4. The word salad jesusssss she literally stated nothing that the president himself has done DHS releasing 80 million im sure that was already scheduled and the 200 percent increase In seizures that just means 200 percent more is coming in the supply hasn’t remained the same it’s increased and this isn’t the fentanyl from 3-5 years ago this is new analogs that the cartels are having chemists Whip up that keep you high for 3 days if you’re lucky enough to not die it’s not a drug it’s poison. Also why do we go to war with Iraq and Afghanistan but won’t do anything about the evil cartels in Mexico we give probably billions to the Mexican government who is corrupted by the cartels send the marines and special forces over that border if their government won’t do anything

  5. Bro this lady is not smart man how are people not seeing everything they doing to our country man so weird how they can just just say oh well it's republicans fault Biden needs and impeachment

  6. Uh…how can you tell a legitimate immigrant from a drug dealer??? You can't…The Best solution …CLOSE THE F*CKING BORDER!!!!!!…This wasn't a problem when Trump was president…

  7. They love bragging about what they are doing……but fail to acknowledge the results. It's great that you have flattering statistics, but they mean NOTHING!
    Why are the overdoses still increasing?
    Do they think we are stupid??? The world has had enough of this crap.


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