Make Money Online with Landscape Photography – This Changed My Life!

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In this week’s episode, we discuss how to make money online with landscape photography. Making a living with landscape photography can be a bit difficult as the path is not quite as clear as say a wedding or real estate photographer, but it can be done with a bit of creative thinking. In this video, I'll share with you what revenue channels worked for me and which ones didn't, along with my total financial results for the past 4 years. If you're thinking about starting an online photography business, then I hope this week's video provides you with a framework to follow or at least provides a couple of tips you can apply to your startup process. As always thanks so much for watching! – Mark D.

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42 thoughts on “Make Money Online with Landscape Photography – This Changed My Life!

  1. Congrats on turning your life around with teaching landscape photography Mark. By the looks of it, the money is in selling workshops and landscape-related content to photographers. If budding photographers are getting into it to sell their creations, they will most likely be disappointed. Thanks for the informative and honest video!

  2. Sociale media and stock images do really work for me. Sociale media gives me clients. sells products. Also sell my photowalks and workshops there. I never found the courage for Youtube tho. I keep thinking literally nobody wil want to watch me.

  3. Amazing results Mark. Makes sense. You are one of my favorites youtubers. I only make about 1/10th of that. I find competition is really cutting. And good marketing representation is near impossible.

  4. Marking this to watch in full later, as I don't have time now, but hoping to glean some information here. Sadly at first glance though it looks like you aren't really driving any or very little revenue from actual photography and mostly from things that grew out of your YT presence 🙁
    As a self billed "fine art photographer" trying to make a living on actually selling my art, I am finding the main problem is getting people to actually see it. When they do they love it and I get a few sales, but I just can't get enough eyeballs on my work and I have no idea how to do that.

  5. Thanks for such a great video! The quote "The market for Landscape Photography things is small, but the market for the Landscape Photography experience is massive." definitely has me re thinking what I thought about making money in the photography world. Thank again for the great video!

  6. Mark – it’s Donny, still remember the time when you and I spoke right after your layoff. What a ride brother! Good job! Proud of you and I am sure people appreciate you being this open!

  7. Fascinating! My takeaway here is.. to be a successful landscape photographer, one's business ideally should be weighted heavily toward packaging and marketing of hope, inspiration and knowledge to other would-be landscape photographers, as opposed to selling and licensing one's own work. It's similar in the music world — where a massive industry of folks not making a living from their music have transitioned to selling hopes, dreams and business products to other musicians. Not to be a curmudgeon here, but the general lack of support, appreciation and patronage of the arts has transformed much of today's creative world into one gigantic circle jerk of marketing to the like-minded.

  8. Watched this video last week and I did comment on it then. But I actually wanted to come back and leave another comment. A thank you. This video is one of the most transparent videos I have seen from a professional photographer and It puts things into an interesting perspective. I really appreciate that candid transparency… As an avid hobbyist (with way too much pro level gear) It's been a video I have been thinking alot about the past 5 days because for years now I have thought about wanting to jump into landscape photography as a side hustle or maybe a career but there is so much fear leaving the known for the unknown (especially if its by choice).

  9. Thanks Mark, this was great! I am 2 or 3 years out from retirement and want to do something creative and try to support it with revenue so this video was wonderful and timely. Hope I can do it even though I am in my 60s.

  10. Mark, as always a great video. But watching it and seeing all the balls you have in the air my big question was "What is his day like? How does he keep all of these tasks in order and not just scatter shoot his day??" Please keep up the good work. You are absolutely one of my favorite Youtube talents that I watch. You ALWAYS provide valuable content. Thank you so much.

  11. It really shows that you put a lot of work into this, so you truly deserve the success and growth 🙂 Also, thanks for inspiring others, either it's people wanting to go full time, or people like me, who see landscape photography as a great hobby and a way to "escape the stress of everyday life" 🙂

  12. So many niches, so little time. Everyone needs to discover where their love is and prioritize. Great video! Btw, asking again,
    what sites do you find all these cool t-shirts?

  13. Mark, where does someone start when building such value. When Someone still learning how to take better photos themselves? I am asking for myself and want to make a living in photography.

  14. Hi Mark, thank you so much for sharing this invaluable information. Delighted to see you doing so well as you absolutely add great value that leads to an enhanced photography experience. Keep up the great work and wishing you great success moving forward.

  15. Greetings from Germany. Thank you for all the informations. I'm considering to change my profession and to do what I love – hiking, traveling & photographing. This video gave me valuable input again. Thank you for all the work you put in your videos.

  16. I've been following your channel since the beginning and it's been great to watch your success. I love your focus on the business aspects. It's interesting to see how actual photo sales are the smallest aspect of your business and how YouTube drives it all. I hope you continue your success!

  17. How do u feel the pandemic affected your growth. Much of that growth was during lockdown so do you think that had any effect on your exposure or any other aspect of getting people back out into the wilderness… people learning a new skill due to pandemic etc

  18. I think it is sad that one of your smallest income streams was prints of your images. I am sure this is not unique to you. But the bane of most landscape photographers. That being an instructor or tour guide for others is the main income drivers. Getting sponsors of videos or being a public speaker is the big selling point of their photography. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the instruction or the take another photographer has on landscape is very informative, (You and Thomas Heaton are good examples.) but I didn't get into photography to make movies, court sponsors, or create a brand, save the polar bears, or get free gear. I got into photography to try to make great images. To show people how beautiful this world is. To get them to look up from their cellphones and experience the true beauty of this place we call Earth. And maybe, just maybe, like my image enough to put on the wall of their home because it touches something in them. And show them that a camera is not a cellphone. Then I have earned my wage. The greatest payoff for my work is not money, it is having my work hang next to Ansel Adams original prints.


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