TRY ON Thrift Haul + baking the best chocolate chip cookies

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NEW VLOG! A week with Peaches and I🍒
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Epidemic Sound


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39 thoughts on “TRY ON Thrift Haul + baking the best chocolate chip cookies

  1. Yeah! That kind of soft alarms I use on the weekends where there's no stress for waking up early but the other ones that scare me on work days cause I do need to get up lol.

  2. Patiently waiting for your next vlog! 😉🤓 Hubby and I really love the Smartless podcast you recommended on your pod. Any other podcasts you can recommend would be awesome!!

  3. Most of us look a tad bit worse haha all done up n ready then u do juss waking up so lol no worries. Wear some sunglasses especially in the us ur cool pairs 😎 and while u don't need to wear shades, if it makes u feel more comfortable, why not? Ur a movie star to most of us anyway. Mwwah😚. Ur beautiful inside and out. And we appreciate u keeping us entertained, informed, positive, and also sharing ur ups n downs, n fab fun life with ur cuite talented man) and with us xoJoJoJaz.AYY NE Boston Mass. And yes thank u peaches she can do no wrong lol


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