Tucker Carlson: This is what the collapse of civilization looks like

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WARNING-Graphic footage: Fox News host Tucker Carlson breaks down the rise in violent crime across the United States on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.' #FoxNews #tucker

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45 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson: This is what the collapse of civilization looks like

  1. The Usa has some thousand military bases and outposts all around the world. With hindred of thousands troops receiving huge salaries for doing nothing. This situation in the USA is not a proof of the incapabiluty of the government to cope with the problem. That' in fact the proof of their capability to intentionally create chaos.

  2. This IS the collapse! Call me sentimental but I REALLY miss CHARLES BRONSON and CLINT EASTWOOD. This crap has to stop. We're turning into a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY. ALL of this BIDEN'S fault! 100%.

  3. Just what right-wing fascists want — complete anarchy to pursue their racist, murderous agenda and complete evisceration of human rights. Come to my town and you won't leave on two feet, excremental liars and cowards.

  4. I thought Charles Manson was a crazy person but he predicted one thing —— that there is going to be a race war. —— and it is coming soon to a neighborhood near YOU. The Democrats have proudly fanned the flames of racism. Stirred them up. Embellished it to the hilt and apparently enjoy spitting on the graves of what Martin Luther King worked so hard for, John F Kennedy and Robert Kennedy. The USA is doomed. I also feel sorry for any elderly person going to the grocery store or going to a drug store to pick up their medication. Life as Americans knew it are over.

  5. Think not that We have revealed unto you a mere code of laws. Nay, rather, We have unsealed the choice Wine with the fingers of might and power. To this beareth witness that which the Pen of Revelation hath revealed. Meditate upon this, O men of insight! – Baha’u’llah

  6. As a African American that works everyday is under 40 and pays taxes I think these animals need to be put down so the good African Americans can continue be seen as good Americans

  7. And some idiots in the USA still say it’s “the greatest country in the world”. This doesn’t happen in Japan, Australia, Canada,Denmark, Switzerland. The USA is third world country. Lol.

  8. Tucker I warned u 2 years a bout the virus how it was spreading how the lock down gonna start so U ignore my warning ⚠️ It’s cool next is 2 things gonna start in Chicago is yes people gonna start getting guns an have shoot outs on each other an soon it’s gonna be a civil war un less people gonna stop an go straight after the Goverment s that run it

  9. You have to protect yourself and your loved ones all costs….I pray for those people in those areas that are suffering so greatly it's time for us to stand up together we have got to vote these evil people out of office

  10. Kim Fox looks like an ugly man in a wig and lipstick! As a black woman, I am thoroughly disgusted!
    By the way, I've known many wonderful police officers who have always been kind human beings. I don't need reparations and I'm not a victim.

  11. I knew something was up when those " PURGE " movies started coming out. Good people have to come together now more than ever to protect each other. First order of business, give Biden the biggest boot in U.S. history.

  12. It's both sad and funny that Tucker describes a 2h response time as the collapse of Civilisation. Because the police in my city have never had a response time better than 2h – after midnight that response time blows out to ~6h. Also, discharge of a firearm in a suburban area is a Felony here. So even if you lawfully own a gun… you're a felon if you use it to defend yourself and/or family home :/

  13. November elections are right around the corner. Then there will be wars with China and Russia and this will all seem like small potatoes (as long as they don't get us before the real wars start).

  14. It's disgusting in Providence you can't even go out to eat without seeing a violent fight break out, the democratic party has become a complete failure to society, and they refuse to do anything with these thugs it's sad what's happening to this country, the american people need to smarten up and vote these failure liberals out of office.

  15. Tucker, it's not three young men, it's three Black young men. These are the product of our generous Welfare/Section 8 society. There is no hope for these people. They don't have a brain/intellect/morality.

  16. I'm actually crying right now. Not for me but for my children and my grandchildren. I worry constantly for and fear for their future. My youngest grandson is only 2. Will he ever know America. The one I can only remember now

  17. WOW the Media mentions the ……Anti-White…..Racist…..attacks going on all over the USA?

    Wow thanks Tucker ! I have never heard ANYONE in the Media even MENTION the ongoing "War on the population" thats been going on for my entire life and way beyond ! Colin Flaherty has been showing this for YEARS (until YT banned him for telling the truth) He has written several Books about it. But NOBODY from "our" BIG MEDIA even seems to have time to even MENTION IT !

    Not that we do not ALL see it in our own lives.

    So obviously we have some REAL PROBLEMS Here that NEED FIXED !
    Put CRIMINALS in Jail and get the Anti-White Bias out of OUR MEDIA !

    Thank You Tucker !


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