WHOA: Top Trump cabinet member hangs Trump out to dry ON FOX NEWS

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WHOA: Top Trump cabinet member hangs Trump out to dry ON FOX NEWS.

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32 thoughts on “WHOA: Top Trump cabinet member hangs Trump out to dry ON FOX NEWS

  1. GOOD!! AND, Trump took, or, make that STOLE!!, CLASSIFIED INFORMATION, AND OR, DOCUMENTS!!, on the, "little things", like how the USA FIGHT WARS ETC ETC ETC!!😑, and, a "Special Master" still!!, has to do the legally correct thing!!, hence, all it's achieving, in reality, is just "stalling the Process", and nothing more than that Either!!😑, And, Bill Barr has done a 180, and he's switching to save his own Ass folks!!, Trump WILL!! pay for what he's done here, U just watch and see!! LOCK TRUMP UP AND, THROW THE KEY AWAY!!

  2. The DOJ and should forced Trump to sign letter saying he has returned every item he removed.
    Trump needs to stop his complaining and prove he returned all of the documents.
    Put your money where your mouth is! Only a Criminal would not sign the letter.

  3. Trump's Supreme Court and most Republicans have taken away the right of women in the United States to make choices over their own bodies. Republicans are also working on restricting voter rights, making it harder to vote. In November women will be out in huge numbers fighting against this crap. Remember to vote in November for Democracy, not Trumpocracy.

  4. Well what continues to be frightening is just how often officials have to bring out their crayons to explain why something is illegal. Funny how the right almost always seems to be wrong.


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