ALPHALETE AUGUST AMPLIFY & SURFACE TRY ON HAUL | 2022 review, very thorough & honest

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August Seamless Amplify & Surface Launch: August 6th @ 12pm CST


Time stamps ⏯
01:15 Storm (my best friend) appearance
01:36 Blossom Amplify Set
03:53 Blossom Amplify Shorts
05:06 Surface Tri Bra
06:02 Amplify Washed Denim Shorts
06:58 Amplify Lavender Leggings
10:06 Amplify Hazelnut Set
12:09 Visual Difference Between Old Amplify Shorts & New
9:04 Amplify Whale Blue Set
14:02 Surface Top
15:11 Surface Power Shorts
15:45 Oil Stain Surface Set
16:45 Begin Outro
17:20 Pricing info





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MY SIZES: ALL XS (33-24-26) 5'7 129lbs
● All products mentioned run true to size! I don’t run into any sheerness when I either skin tone thongs or go commando!


Collection brief:
Custom sourced Italian yarn fibers are blended together to create an irresistibly silky, smooth hand-feel. Our exclusive full-interlock knit construction forms a more dense seamless fabric that maintains breathability. Increased elasticity provides unmatched compression, shape retention, and flexibility made to move in sync with you. Our physique-enhancing seam work is structurally reinforced to provide support and durability. Amplify tops offer a form-fitting look while amplify bottoms are designed to accentuate curves in all of the right places.


49 thoughts on “ALPHALETE AUGUST AMPLIFY & SURFACE TRY ON HAUL | 2022 review, very thorough & honest

  1. Great Video As Usual
    😍Lovely thumbNail Tho😍
    I Freaking Your HaiR💛
    Body On Fuckn Point💪
    Keep Them CominG

  2. Legit comparison for purchase and expectations!!! Plus you maximized the content for all interested.
    With more content like this for consumption you should garner exponential viewership….just need to find the best place to have your links show up or better titles.

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  4. ❤❤❤ How can I stop looking at you? You are so beautiful that I cannot resist falling in love with you. 🌹

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  8. Whoa I work out at my house and it just blows me away to see the outfits ya'll wear to exercise. She is gorgeous. I like the dark brown first, the brown second, and the blue oil stain leggings third


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