BabyJake – Confidant (Official Video)

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Listen to BabyJake's debut EP ‘Don't give me problems, give me wine'

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Music video by BabyJake performing Confidant. © 2020 SRV LabelCo, LLC


42 thoughts on “BabyJake – Confidant (Official Video)

  1. Sup my guy you signed to a label yet? Got a marketing team? Manager? What you need my guy. Lemme help you get there

  2. why isn’t this the song that blew up? tbh better than cigarettes on patios. this whole album is rlly good. hope tik tok explodes your stuff!

  3. Ok I’m prepared to Wright an essay… I met my friend (kaiguy74) best freind/only freind I met him in a video game like idk I think like 5 months ago but he thinks 1 year ago he prob right tbh bc we all know I have bad memory ok all dat stuff over so we call on discord pretty much everyday and all night. But normal at night he turns on music I request babyjake cigarettes on patios usually but I love heads in the clouds and confidant. He is kinda the one that showed me pro songs lol like rap is what we like we both have good music taste (to be decided) ye I did not write this song for shii… ily


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