CabinBike enclosed motorcycle progress

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Progress on the CabinBike enclosed motorcycle construction since my last video


11 thoughts on “CabinBike enclosed motorcycle progress

  1. Amazing!!! Im subscribed. I would love to build a cabin motorcycle like this. Dropping the kids off at school in this would be a riot

  2. This is a great build. Congratulations on the engineering solutions. Iā€™m building a similar bike with an open top and you have inspired me to keep at it. Mike

  3. Just found your channel. Subscribed and looking forward to updates. Iā€™m a mechanic with a degree in mechanical engineering. Myself and a couple guys from work are debating building something similar to this. We are discussing the magic 200mph number of course because everybody likes to go fast.

    Anyways, I look forward to seeing future installments discussing this vehicle. Looks like you are doing a very good job. šŸ‘šŸ» keep up the hard work! We are all pulling for you!

  4. Beyond the novelty/showcase, are you expecting top speed or mileage gains from this? Are you planning on enhancing the power output in any way or just running the stock engine? Wonderful fabrication job so far.

  5. what does this thing weigh ? i'm being VERY concious of the weight of my project to try and keep it under approx 150kg.
    check it out


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