Cop Gets Investigated After Viral Encounter

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26 thoughts on “Cop Gets Investigated After Viral Encounter

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  2. It's fascists like this so called officer? that get innocent people killed. He should be made to pay compensation and made an example of by being fired. If this behaviour is allowed to continue it ruins the credibility for all the good officers doing a great job.

  3. "Reduced to manslaughter"

    You have the right to resist an unlawful arrest but we will still charge you with something if you end up having to take a life because were just that corrupted and we want your money. Lol.

  4. Its up to the officers discretion (that's fucking weird aswell) to take you to jail or not after you've committed a crime right? So the entitled little prick with the camera didn't know that? Lol. Theres many ways you can react to this is you hate everyone and all humanity equally. :3

  5. Welp all my twitter accounts got suspended so I guess I'm back here with you guys again. :3 damn made it to 1347 followers too lol.

  6. Few cops are as dangerous as a scared cop. From what’s shown on video here, it seems this man did nothing to merit this level of escalation from this questionable cop.

  7. So the first officer ordered the guy out of his vehicle because officer safety? Wouldn't that give the guy even better chance of doing harm? Wouldn't wait for backup and then order the guy better? AtA grading is screwy. He is not at the scene. So he has to go by what is presented which is evaluating from hindsight and safety. Not interjecting on the behalf of the cops. AtA ignored the cop was going to use force and showed even intention of using force to order compliance. Maybe AtA forgot the force continuum that is taught to all officers.

  8. HES OUT OF PEPPER SPRAY!!! obviously he uses it so much and often he can't keep track of when it's empty. The drive placed zero threat. The cop was the only threat of safety on that stoo

  9. If a cop tells you to get out of your car, you should probably just comply. I suppose you could try asking for the reason, and if they give you any reason other than “Officer safety”, you might be lawful in declining their request.

    “Please step out of your car.”
    “May I ask why?”
    “I want to assess whether you are under the influence.”
    “I politely decline your request, sir.”

    You might be legal in declining in that situation, but do you honestly think an average cop is going to understand the subtleties of Pennsylvania V Mims?

    Probably not.

  10. Sorry. All I see is a entitled guy that didn't want to get a ticket. The cop was calm thru out. Should he have threatened physical action? Eh, probably not.

  11. That's to show u we have no right to protect ourselves in this country no more there is no reason the officers have no reason to drag out of car at all fot traffic stop

  12. There's no reason to pull out a person for a traffic stop unless thay chose to abuse there force it's not a reason fir police safety because thay are putting citacins safety it's not police safety Thsy escalate the stop by pulling out a inacent citacins there's isn't no since to do this unless Thsy see a gun or a whepons.thst would cause them but it's only an abuse of power it shows in this stop here


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