Men's Clothing That's Currently Selling Fast On Ebay and Poshmark [WHAT SOLD]

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The Menswear Manifesto 3:
– 330 men's clothing brands
– Each brand analyzed by sellthrough rate, price and category ranking
– Use on your phone or desktop
– You decide how much you want to pay me for it


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50 thoughts on “Men's Clothing That's Currently Selling Fast On Ebay and Poshmark [WHAT SOLD]

  1. I shoot for the moon when I think I can, and then lower the price/s if I see I need to. I think the 'race to the bottom" phenomenon is real, and it takes money out of all our pockets in my opinion. Overall, and odd though it may be, I have found I sell more when my prices are higher than the average, so i just go with it.

  2. How are you running out of space on your phone? You do this for a living, get your s*** together because I love your videos and really enjoy the longer videos. Thanks for all the advice.

  3. Hi there I been following you and wanching all you video and my question to you is how you all the do u tube sale so much I been saying for about 3 years now and nearly no make any money I do sale but no near all you people the do videos I do like you videos I been more selected in the clothes the post now thanks to you information ☺️

  4. What is your Poshmark handle? I would like to follow you! Thank you for the info! Super helpful! Learning so much and selling mens now…x

  5. depending on source cost, i totally price my items lower than market as i'm also trying to have a higher sell thru. there are some items i'll hold on to (some womens vintage) but making $60 on one sale is fine for me, like your suits.

  6. Thanks for another great video Matt 🤗 I Lear a lot from you … do you post on eBay first and then on Posh? Or vice Versa?

  7. I totally agree about fast flipping vs waiting three years for the right buyer to pay what you want for it. I bought your manifesto, I know some mens stuff but have a huge hole in my knowledge, I am excited to read through it 🙂

  8. Love hearing how 'cheap' resellers can get merchandise, I die a little each time I hear 'got this for a buck lol! In Canada we'd be lucky to get comparable for 15-20 bucks !

  9. Love the content – thank you. That is going to be my internal laugh for a while – It's a Japanese Brand!! – LOL In other sellers videos people lose their mind then Hoka One One are called Hoka 1 1. Who cares – get them sold and move on – I don't care what you all them or how you pronounce something.

  10. I have a hard time with Posh. I would cross list from eBay and I would sell 40 on ebay before 1 would sell on on Posh.

  11. I have shipped many MANY excessively heavy posh orders (like 10 sweaters, or 3 winter coats, or very large box of mixed wicker items, etc), and I have never paid any kind of over 5lb fee. I just print the shipping label at home, drop package off to PO counter (don’t stand in line or get box weighed), and I’ve never had any issues with my sales arriving to the buyer 🤷‍♀️

  12. W@$$UP!! NEW SUB I've noticed a few new resellers to me have finally come across my screen, first time seeing you on Youtube. I'm always looking for new peeps to learn from. Do you know any Resellers you could put on your "Channels" List?

  13. M/45/AL just popping in to say I really enjoy your videos and I have learned a lot about what brands to look for! I used to use the same strategy with video games (when they weren’t as hot) – undercut the market just enough to sell quickly and move on. I get clothing so cheap here that I price above market and then make offers that seem to good to be true. Once something reaches the 90 day mark, I start discounting heavily. I’ve got a high tolerance for sitting on things I got for a $1 though! Keep pumping out these videos!

  14. You’re killing the market on suits & separates.! 👏.! Another average reseller claiming to be an expert. Please don’t like and subscribe so he actuallly has to be a full time reseller instead of a reseller / vlogger

  15. Can't know how I bumped onto this. All in all Damn good content ❤️. I also watched those similar from MStarTutorials and kinda wonder how you guys make these vids. MSTAR TUTORIALS also had amazing info about similiar make money online things on his channel.

  16. Hey how's that fishing gig?? Love that you are continuing your vids. I get great value from them, and will buy you another cup of coffee soon! cheers bud!

  17. Usually catch up with U at 3~4 a.m. (in bulk) Still killin' it I see . . . its fall in CT. (amazing🍁) and I have an acre to winterize AND bought a tiny beat camper 😌 (what was I thinkin' ?) keep postin' I'll keep lurkin' . . . good stuff ✌

  18. I have sold ZERO men’s clothing on EBay. Granted, a few of the shirts are Izod, but I’m going to try Poshmark and selling one size in a lot.

  19. Would you be willing to share how many items on average you sell a month? I’m always curious about this about all resellers.

  20. Love all your videos! I just started Poshmark also… the “sharing the closet” thing is so annoying and time consuming. Curious / Do you do that?

  21. Matt! Is that a Montcler polo shirt you’re wearing, good sir? Looks good, you’re sporting a very clean Euro look today.

  22. This is my first full week of selling on Ebay..I hit up a Goodwill here in SC I pulled 3 Johnnie O shirts a Vintage Orvis button down a Patagonia and Carhartt..I think it was beginners luck

  23. I don't know where you've been hiding, next time we're going to need notice lol. I was way more excited to see your video pop up than I should have been. Glad to have you back

  24. Thanks so much for all the helpful info. I have started focusing more on Men’s brands rather than women’s thanks to you!

    Question for you— do you allow offers on all of your listings ?

  25. If anybody is wondering if the Menswear Manifesto is worth a few $$ try creating one on your own. I worked on a similar project myself and found the task to be laborious and tedious.

    Matt, I downloaded a copy and bought you a couple of coffees. THANKS!!!!


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